… dazzling journalism through this dark moon phase …

Angelus Novus, Klee

We’ve been living through metaphorical dark moon years, with debris stirred up from deep, and yet, when brave souls explore the confusion in such times, sharp beams break through cracks in the mud.

Wars fought over territories and resources have become wars over ideologies and identity. The internet intensifies clashing ideas, and where free speech is allowed, arguments find air. Whose side to take, where to place oneself –  left, right, center, past, present, future? Peace- loving citizens are challenged. Does one go numb, angry, self-righteous, or suffer confusion? Are they defensive reactions to the cacophony of voices struggling for attention? Some shout, some play clever games, some share information, true or false, and others offer sharp insights, be it through anguish, sincerity, passion or irony.

Marina Hyde from the Guardian does the latter, with anguish, sincerity, passion and, most of all, irony. Conflict inspires the search for her truth. Like a martial artist, she uses words that dance without hesitation, in swift, spirited and glittering moves. The new moon a few days ago brought a dazzling peace of her journalism, a laser glance at recent politics. Marina’s dark irony brightened my confused and deflated mood – because she speaks to the truth.

Marina Hyde – her bit on Dominic Cummings

… using words my mother would never have …

cathartic therapy, Sufi style

It’s of course useless, and mostly counterproductive, to blame or dispense anger about ideologies on particular people or nations.

Far better to release the rage by smashing up old cars, as my former Sufi teacher, Fazal Inayat-Khan, encouraged us to do. But who has such novel opportunity? For now, we’re in this storm blowing from paradise together.

Nationalism is the pathology of modern developmental history as inevitable as neurosis in the individual.   – Tom Nairn, The Break-Up of Britain

Relevant, my post on nationalism from April 2012 … here is everywhere


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4 responses to “… dazzling journalism through this dark moon phase …

  1. Wow, I don’t buy newspapers, but Marina Hyde’s article makes me wonder if I should revise that policy. Thanks for the link. While car-bashing might work on an individual level, I’m glad we’ve still got a Marina Hyde able to apply her style of comment, just reading it made me feel a little relieved.

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    • I’m glad M. Hyde’s article brought you a little relief in these crazy times.
      It’s possible to read the Guardian free online. They operate independently from big shot biased sponsors, and instead rely on donations from their readership, those who can afford it. I prefer their news even to the BBC.

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  2. I have that copy of The Guardian but I haven’t had time to read it yet. I often find her observations very incisive. Dark clouds are gathering. Darkness is descending upon us thick and fast. It’s no use fighting it, our opposition only fuels it. The only thing to do is spread light so it disappears. To paraphrase Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, even a small candle flame can cast a lot of light.

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    • I totally agree, Katia, and I do my private fanning of that small flame.

      And I admire people with the courage to express incisive opinions that challenge hypocrisy and foul propaganda, often for short term personal gains.


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