Ashen is active as poet, philosopher, writer, therapist, photographer …

Welcome to my quirky isle. May the wind carry my wavelengths to receptive minds.

Me … child, hu-man wo-man, inconvenienced by a semi-free and inquisitive spirit, a speculator who  plays with ideas – so if you are a scientist don’t be offended, play along.

I treasure solitude and eccentric company, enjoy the arts , myth, archetypal psychology, sciences, and the wild strawberries in my garden.

A cliché, I know, but I love walking barefoot on grass and sandy beaches, smell salt and  thyme on Mediterranean islands, drink spicy wine round a fire with friends, enjoy magic theatre, story-telling, music, ideas, humour, photography, travelling, alternative realities … I believe we are are legion inside and every person we meet reflects a potential in us, pleasant or not.  Step back and ponder.

Poetry, writing and photography are my creative witnessing. In 2007 I started a novel, ‘Course of Mirrors,’ but it is only during the last seven years that I committed daily time to writing. Initially I battled with guilt for indulging in the joy of it. I stopped the battle, having come to the conclusion that living with guilt is preferable to the shame of not taking the plunge into the unknown.

My blog is here to inspire you.

What about you? How do you share your world and engage with others?

*    *    *    *

Course of Mirrors, my first novel, has been sitting ready in 2011, and was picked up by a small and devoted publisher, who loved the story. Plans to launch the novel stretched my patience, until in 2016  through unforeseen circumstances the publishing side of the business became nonviable … sigh. At least I was released from my contract, while the promise had kept me writing. A sequel is being polished with the help of a wonderful beta reader and editor.

Course of Mirrors was self-published (at the risk of losing my home) in paperback and e-book formats through Metador/Troubador and all major platforms, including amazon in spring 2017. It had some 5 star reviews, but but needs more …

The theme of the story is timeless – about the engaging quest of a young woman in search of the real. A mythopoetic, page-turning adventure with a memorable cast of characters …

Click here to find out more …

In the meantime I need to save up funds to publish Shapers, the sequel to Course of Mirrors, moving into SFand I’ve started writing the third book in the series.

*    *    *    *

Some notes on copyright etc. …

Be inspired. If you are tempted to lift writings or images from my blog, please ask before you infringe my rights. We may come to an agreement. Thanks.

Almost all images on this site are my own. On the rare occasion when I use an image that is not my own, I try my best to link it back to its source. Where I fail, please let me know so I can set it right.

Re: Blog rewards. I’ve been tempted to respond to rewards but found them to be very time-consuming, so forgive me, well-meaning friends, but this blog is reward-free.

You can also find me on Twitter:   @mushkilgusha

My creativity is burdened by financial struggle, not easy to admit. In case you’ve a surplus of resources and feel like sponsoring a quirky iconoclast, I’d be grateful for your support at patreon  even in a small way. My heartfelt blessings to such angels.  – Ashen

30 responses to “About

  1. Well, I also like people who march to their own drummer, and who like myth, archetypal psychology, and sciences. I’m going to sign up here! I write Science fiction about giant intelligent termites, by the way. I tween @TermiteWriter

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  2. Thanks Lorinda 🙂 Giant intelligent termites – sounds interesting. Evokes the image of a whole colony of insects combined in one body. Will look it up.


  3. Liked everything here (a lot!). Not sure how to subscribe to your blog (but it seems to tell me I am? The business of self publishing? Your book sounds much like mine (Involution) and if it is you probably have little choice but suddenly things come together…though its a lonely road! Made easier by a few good friends.

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    • Thanks. I trust like-perceptions will converge and bubble along, one way or another. Not that bothered. Must not burden my writing with imagining it will keep my roof over my head, but keep going :).


  4. Great blog twinned with excellent content equals a surefire success! 🙂 What a pleasure it is to visit a little corner of internet heaven 😉

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  5. Must take this chance to endorse Steve’s perfume. Internet refuges are few and this is undoubtedly one…dew covered grass and a place to sit.

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  6. Ashen, thank you so much for visiting my blog!
    I am someone who left off writing for almost twenty years, “busy” with life- but voices kept talking in my head and blog resulted; late but not never.

    I find a treasure trove here and will be coming back regularly.
    So happy to meet you (virtually). 🙂

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    • Happy to meet you and your island, which I’ll come and visit often. Like you, I was busy with life for decades, reading and writing mainly professional material, while stories were distilling that wanted to see the light. Such pleasure to share the vintage.


  7. Very true- sharing your feelings! I too was busy playing conventional wife and mother role plus that of a working woman.
    Now words have found a voice! 🙂

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  8. I would love to do a blog post about your two posts, … journey into mystery … & … the child in us … — with a few excerpts to draw my readers toward your Visions 🙂

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  9. Hi there… I nominated you for a One Lovely Blog Award

    You can check it out here, if you are interested:


    All my best wishes! Aquileana 😀

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  10. Ashen, for a truly beautiful post, honoring the memory of your grandparents, and war-torn Germany. It is interesting how memories you share can trigger mine or someone else’s.

    Your writing is so clear, I felt I was there with you. Thank you for your memories and the lovely post.

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  11. Let me just say – I LOVE your ‘about’ statements. Feel very much at home here. I shall return, barefoot and otherwise.

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  12. Ashen, i can relate every bit of your interest and things that you loved to get involved in, right from art, writing, photography, science to storytelling. I love each topic and the cross section of ideas that keep flowing between the topics. The art of connecting the disconnected thoughts and ideas. Indeed each of these activities constantly challenges us and keeps us meaningfully engaged. Not to leave the love for travelling and finding time to walking in nature and nurturing our senses that otherwise are passive and only those day today pressure and grind keep the anger and the tension high not the humour and bliss in place.

    Exploring the unknown and venturing into the territories we have never gone and following the trajectory we have never chosen…these all can be tried out any time and it has nothing to do with age and stage of life. All in the mind. It is one life and we have to live the life to its hilt.

    Writing a book is never easy and it takes a lot of our energy and loads of inspiration to keep writing on second and third book…and you have already done it, it only signifies your passion for writing and drive change the way people think & engage, and make a huge difference in minds and hearts of readers.

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  13. Thanks for sharing your inspiration.

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  14. You’re welcome Richard. I feel the same about the sharing on your site ☼


  15. Ashen, I really love your blog and noted that I share your cliche’? Favourites. Walking barefoot in soft grass, on sandy beeach, on polished granite rocks……..and so much more.
    You probably noticed this on my blog and more will ring true as time goes.:)

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  16. A wonderful About page, Ashen and lovely to meet you!😃 I love your sense of free spirit and your thoughts on life, others…I found myself nodding in agreement with your favourite activities…so alike. Well done for completing and publishing your first book and I feel slightly less guilty over the time it’s taking me to complete mine! 😀

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