… a full moon autumn day …

Embodying the perfect autumn warmth, a divine stillness, devoid of mental chatter, other than a faint hum of the river of cars flowing along the town’s bypass, and the gentlest sound of a disintegrating wood chime in my cherry tree, whatever else happens in the world is another dream.

For such moments I am grateful, when peace settles deep, as a safe island in the psyche to return to, a manifest microcosm in the vast and unknown macrocosm.

As such, I witness my imagination, which occasionally turns transparent in the heart, as a veil for what is hidden. For in light is also darkness.


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8 responses to “… a full moon autumn day …

  1. David Selzer

    ‘…transparent in the heart…’

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  2. Calm and peace inducing post. Thank you!

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    • That night I watched the moon rise, from my bed, through a skylight. For a short while a feathery cloud swept in, and the golden light shaped a magical creature of awe inspiring presence, which reminded me how the imagination is a veil, sometimes a thin veil, for what is hidden from our consciousness..


  3. Quite beautiful. I love the recognition that such peace can be found even when on the borders of audible technology – all we need to do is accept that other dream.

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  4. This is very beautiful and serene

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