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… four years of blogging …

The host of my virtual island – wordpress – alerted me to the four-year anniversary of my blog.

I thought I share with my followers some private photos. I’m not good at private sharing, but since my first book is going to be published this year, one way or another, some visuals of myself are in order.

pretending to fish

pretending to fish

about 30 years ago,  before selfies were vogue

about 30 years ago, before selfies were vogue

more recent, four or so years ago, a young sixty something

more recent, four or so years ago, a young sixty something

Lack of time limits my interactions, so I assume my over 300 readers are truly genuine. Thank you all for reaching out, for your friendships. It’s heartening to know my posts are enjoyed, and occasionally inspire. I sample your islands at random, and delight in how everything posted resonates. I appreciate your likes, and will respond to every comment left here.

Looking back, this was my first short post in March 2011 – just one sentence:

                                           We are each of us born a star in search of our world.

The second post was: A recent series of Haiku – for those who like Haiku

a town is gone

hawthorn flowers

white in the sun

*   *   *

among rubble

the snapshot of a child

splashing in a wave

*   *   *

spring morning

a ginger cat leaps home

across frosted lawns

*   *   *

the robin arrives

sampling dry grass for its nest

sky is cut by a plane

*   *   *

sunlight in a puddle

birds dowse their wings

no other sound

*   *   *

emerald shoots

on brittle cement

patter of feet

*   *   *

plastic bags rattle

in wire and branch

blobs of colour

*   *   *

a wave is rolling

over the grid of streets

hush among crumbled walls

*   *   *

lichen dried silver

in the hot spring

a rain of blossoms

*   *   *

a golden leaf

in the shade

white plumes rise

*   *   *

under smooth ice

a shimmering carp

visible silence

The concluding post in March 2011 was a letter to my shadow, ending …

         … Without you, I’d only be fluff on the coat of real human beings …

Time-permitting, please explore my posts, listed in the archive column to the right of my home page.

I hope you bear with me. Heartfelt thanks to all my readers.


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… the golden hour …

My blog host – WordPress – has a weekly photo challenge. I spotted the theme of this week in a Twitter post … ‘The Golden Hour’ … and couldn’t resist sharing some photos of from Morocco’s Atlantic coast, where I travelled with a dear friend some years ago. The photos here were taken during late afternoon, my favourite light.

Moroc, Plage Blanche sunset - low

Morocco, Plage Blanche

Moroc, mirror clouds, birds - low

Morocco, Sidni Ifi

Moroc, Aglou, fisherman and son - low

Morocco, Aglou, fisherman and his son.

Moroc, Aglou prom,  boy - low

Morocco, Agou, boy on the prom

Moroc, Aglou, Moon, cropped - low

And the moon coming up over Anglou.

*    *    *                                                                                                                                                                                                     Morocco, with its rich variety of landscapes, is a feast of colours. Its people are warm, welcoming and serve delicious food. I hope to return again.

*    *    *

You can explore links to other people’s photos on the ‘Golden Hour’ theme here:



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