… the golden hour …

My blog host – WordPress – has a weekly photo challenge. I spotted the theme of this week in a Twitter post … ‘The Golden Hour’ … and couldn’t resist sharing some photos of from Morocco’s Atlantic coast, where I travelled with a dear friend some years ago. The photos here were taken during late afternoon, my favourite light.

Moroc, Plage Blanche sunset - low

Morocco, Plage Blanche

Moroc, mirror clouds, birds - low

Morocco, Sidni Ifi

Moroc, Aglou, fisherman and son - low

Morocco, Aglou, fisherman and his son.

Moroc, Aglou prom,  boy - low

Morocco, Agou, boy on the prom

Moroc, Aglou, Moon, cropped - low

And the moon coming up over Anglou.

*    *    *                                                                                                                                                                                                     Morocco, with its rich variety of landscapes, is a feast of colours. Its people are warm, welcoming and serve delicious food. I hope to return again.

*    *    *

You can explore links to other people’s photos on the ‘Golden Hour’ theme here:



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22 responses to “… the golden hour …

  1. Beautiful! The Sidni Ifi is my favorite, the blues and reflections, and the birds. And it’s good to get people in sunset shots, like you did with the fisherman and son and the boy on the prom. Very cool.


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  3. Really beautiful evocative photographs, I think the Sidni Ifi is my favourite though it is hard to choose as they all have something special.


  4. How timely! My friends are visiting Morocco this year. Sadly, I won’t be able to join them this year 😦


  5. My favourite is the same as Joe’s and Diane’s. The colours are beautiful, muted. Lovely.


    • I used my old analogue Nikon camera. I don’t think the digital process has yet achieved the muted subtleties of film. It’s more expensive these days, because the film has to be developed, and the negative, or positive, scanned for use on the internet.


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  9. Beautiful shots indeed. The moon is, of course, my favourite. 🙂 Yes, I too loved Morocco (my first visit) – both people and place so beautiful… I hope to return.


  10. Oh honey, THANK YOU!!!! Suffering from my usual insomnia and these images are just the thing I needed. I shall have sweet beautiful dreams now, thank you. Simply stunning imagery, and, as a photographer myself, you have a wonderful natural eye, Ashen. Lovely! xx


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