… impromptu garden do under apples and stars …

as this wet August

ends in glorious hot days

a mild night brings round

friends to guard a fire

and surreal stories circle

high into midnight


under ripening apples

and sweet stars glowing

in the deep violet dome

calm nature absorbs

the quirky suppositions

of weird human minds

talking birth, death, consciousness

possible futures

superficial differences

global politics

recent IT advances

plant-drugs and cyborgs …


are we indifferent

to overwhelming data

can we make choices

on how limited knowledge

is being applied

do we have sacred values?


once ice-cream arrives

a silence charms the garden

tongues put thoughts on halt

body and soul nudge closer

senses celebrate

taste – sight – smell – touch – sound – this night

everything matters

for now – though must fade in parts

the very next day

when our best ideals give way

to daily routines

and we survive best we can


hard questions endure

take shape-shifting neutrinos

… so much goes missing

yet for all our dares it is fine

to have mystery

define this amazing life


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11 responses to “… impromptu garden do under apples and stars …

  1. Lovely. A Midsummer’s Night Fest.

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  2. Jenny

    Thank you for all the dancing words experiences high or low, the images you create and so on …..always inspiring uplifting consoling and spread with a little touch of bitter sweet and giggling from behind …. love it and by the way dear Ashen “happy birthday to you , Marmelade im Schuh , Aprikose in der Hose happy Birthday to you 🦋🌺🌞🧚‍♀️From the other Leo sister big hug

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  3. Wonderful writing! 😀 Your group evening by the fire brings out deep and soulful reflections about ourselves, lives, the world … yet serenity and quiet descends when the ice cream arrives! A beautiful piece and felt as if with you all, around the mysterious fire!

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  4. Rachel

    Beautiful poem x

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  5. A beautiful poem, Ashen. I love:
    tongues put thoughts on halt
    body and soul nudge closer
    senses celebrate

    It’s such a lovely move from the event to the conclusion. A life affirming, reassuring finish.
    This is what good poetry does, takes me to somewhere I half know, haven’t quite thought through, and shows me something I feel I should have been able to say.

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