… sunny places …

light and shadow make

daily joys – like twin beings

they sculpt soul dwellings








I enjoyed a week-long break, based in Gualchos, uphill from Castell de Ferro, Costa Tropical, visiting a friend I had not seen for some time. My son accompanied me, a rare treat, since his time is generally tightly booked with work.

The mountain villages in this part of Spain have a simple charm that appeals to me.  They attract strays, artists & creative souls, as well as gentle dogs & cats. During the summer months, swarms of starlings arrive, seeking trees and church towers. Their acrobatics are inspirational.

We swam & travelled through Alpujarra hills  to Lecrin, Lanjeron & Orgiva, and along the way visited a friend, whose life as a horsewoman and a jewelry-maker is an inspiration. I hope she’ll publish her amazing story one day. The place Rachel created is a paradise for all creatures – see the dog’s stylish abode below …







And then, of course, Granada … my second visit to the amazing Alhambra Palace and its beautiful gardens.












The night of Saturday 23th of June, as is tradition in Spain, fires are lit all along the beaches in celebration of Saint John the Babtist. We enjoyed them at Castell de Ferro’s beach, crowned by a waxing moon. One of my obsession is finding small washed up stones of all colours and shapes, including heart shapes.


We even watched last Monday’s 2:2 Spain against Morocco’s world cup football game on a TV screen in the local Plaza of Gualchos, where villagers gathered for drinks and cheers.

There were additional friends I would’ve loved to visit … thank you ‘Albi’ in Baza, thank you ‘Malcolm’ in Nerja. I plan to make space to meet you next time. A big Celtic Hug to Binah for accommodating us in her lovely home.

I sooo needed this holiday. For now I’ll let the rich patchwork of impressions settle. Flying is always a pleasure for me, being enamoured with clouds. But how land and sea are re-framed from the sky adds a surreal perspective on life. Now I must make good on a long-held  promise – properly learn Spanish.                                  

Oh, and in case you missed it – I started a Patreon site.

Click on the link to check it out. I might post a photo there later today – of me in the sun 🙂


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15 responses to “… sunny places …

  1. Rob Leech

    Glad you had a wonderful time Ashen and appreciation for your customary inspired photography.
    Rob X

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  2. Lehana Smyth

    Thank you for sharing. Always love your posts. Makes me feel a bit connected to UK Sufis. I may visit my sister next April for a family wedding in Scotland, so would love to drop by Farnham and of course, get over to Spain. Much love and blessings. Lehana

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  3. It looks like your had a marvelous visit and a breath of fresh air to restore your soul. Big Hugs to you.

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  4. These photographs are absolutely beautiful Ashen.
    Wonderful openness and great choice of subject.
    @5c here in my hometown, Spain looks pretty warm and inviting right now.
    Good to know you are doing well. Cheers to you.B

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    • The clean drama of shapes in their fleeting precision helped to soothe and ground my far too busy thoughts. The contrasts of light and shadow in fluid motion softens the rigid dichotomies of the mind. Thanks B. I’m pleased you like the images.


  5. What a beautiful marriage of words and images! Such rich colours and a soulful depth of feeling. So pleased to hear you had a wonderful holiday with your son, and visiting your amazing friend. Thank you for sharing it all with us. Solstice blessings, Deborah.

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  6. Thank you for all the lovely photos! It looks like it was a holiday to immerse and absorb all the color and life you can. 🙂

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  7. Ashen, a beautiful post, weaving the idyllic photos with the lyrical description of your holiday! The cove looks stunning and so free of people! The festival sounds fun and how I wish to visit Alhambra. Thank you for letting me tag along with you! Happy travels and have fun learning Spanish! It’s not difficult and I am sure they will be so happy to help!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Annika. I miss my friends there now, and the sea. As for the sun, which I had so long longed for, it has ironically been a rare hot summer in the UK so far (not just politically 🙂
      I might post a few more photos from inside the Alhambra soon, to tempt you into a visit …

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  8. I love Spain, such a beautiful and diverse country. The food is amazing too. I had been to Granada and enjoy walking through Alhambra, such a unique building. Thank you for sharing your trip, Ashen. 😀

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