… father …

I’m not generally keen on these many special days we are meant to honour in some way.

However, with the media telling me today is designated to fathers, I’m duty bound 🙂 nah, I’m pleased to share images that are  iconic for the kind of love that filled the lives of my both my parents  The love of the Alps.

Many memorable weekends of my childhood were devoted to mountain climbing.

The image of my dad has a Caspar David feel. Yes,  my dad was a romantic, if a grumpy and defended one.

The magnificent range on the horizon is the famous famous Bernina, with Piz Palu.

Alps -198

My next post will also be about place, as a way ahead, or about making peace with where I am,  or …  It’s in the stars. My friends know I have an obsession with Spain, the Alpujarras. My son, I guess, wants to heal me of this obsession and has arranged a trip to visit friends. It would be a major shift at my age. The sheer stress of a possible move is of course both terrifying and exciting. We’ll see.



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9 responses to “… father …

  1. I feel certain that you are ready for a major change! You need to read Atulya’s move to a remote place in Spain to gain inspiration- though I would be sorry you were further away!

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    • Thank you, dear. I’m curious about my process, I guess the trip will offer some clarity.
      I remember reading that Atulya left her mud house in Turkey and found a suitable land in Spain. A determined woman. Could you let me have her website again?


  2. Wow! Exciting times ahead … little steps always helps, if possible. I love the photo of your father and also thought of Caspar David painting when I saw it. What is he thinking, I wonder? An amazing passion and interest that your parents shared and it must have been stunning to see these mountains so close. Good luck with your plans for the future … enjoy them all! Xx

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    • One step at a time will certainly move me on, even if it’s in a circle 🙂
      The thing with mountains – one want that view from the top. And then there’s another mountain that asks to be climbed, with another view … This yearning for the next horizon seems inbuild in us. human nature. Thank you for your Good luck wish, Annika.

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  3. This is a beautiful, poetic tribute to your father. The black and white images are simply stunning! Thank you for sharing them Ashen. Blessings always, Deborah.

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  4. I do love black and white photos. They have an quality of imagery you don’t get from coloured photos. A lovely post, Ashen.

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  5. Ah, fathers…this is one of those difficult days, with so many fathers of my life gone. So I will focus on Bo and our little Bs. Celebrating the love of the living today. 🙂 xxxxxx

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