… I lost an ally, but not her frequency …

Launch of 'Heart of a Sufi.'

2011 launch of ‘Heart of a Sufi’ at a friend’s place.

Before I share the book cover of ‘Course of Mirrors,’ my first novel to be released in spring, I must step back and credit once more a book I co-edited and am proud to have helped produce. ‘Heart of a Sufi’ was published by a group of friends in 2011. A limited print-run of hardbacks sold quickly and recouped our expenses. I wrote about the background to this project in honour of Fazal Inayat-Khan here in March 2013.

Joe Linker, a blogger friend, wrote only this week a spot-on review of this unusual book – brilliant, heartfelt thanks. One of our small editorial team, Rahima (Elspeth) Milburn, would have been delighted with the review of this book she endorsed with passion. Sadly she died peacefully shortly before 2017 was rung in.

by-ashen-portrait-of-elspeth-spottiswood-smallerI miss her. She was a deep thinking woman, a painter, psychotherapist and lover of poetry, especially Rumi, whose verses she recited often in her very deep and distinctive voice.  She was an inspiration to many. For over ten year, up to 2004, we ran monthly seminars and additional workshops together, on themes like mythology, the power of the imagination, and the significance of dreams. I feel deep gratitude for her supportive friendship and feel strongly that her frequency lives on.

The portrait on the right I did in her studio, around the Millennium.

A group of us, companions on her path, will travel to Cornwall next week to join the large Milburn family and send their mother, grandmother and great-grandmother on her journey. Some of my readers may remember a humorous poem I wrote for Rahima and her family – posted here last October:

Regarding ‘Heart of a Sufi’ … while there are only very few of the beautiful hard copies left, some with Watkins in London, the work is also available as an e-book with Troubador, Amazon and other platforms.


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12 responses to “… I lost an ally, but not her frequency …

  1. My heart goes out to you for the loss of your friend. She sounds like an extraordinary woman and a great soul. Thank you for introducing her to us.

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  2. Thanks Katia. A great soul, indeed, and a wonderful example of an independent spirit.


  3. Condolences on the loss of your friend Rahima, Ashen. How lovely to be going to Cornwall to remember her and help send her on her way…

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  4. Julia Sutton

    She sounds like a person I would have been very happy to know.


  5. John maynard

    I used to visit the khanqah ocassionally in the 80’s, perhaps I stumbled upon Rahima then? My journey had taken me to Morocco, where I age without the consolation of friends. I share your grief and hope your journey to Cornwall will give joyfull memories.



  6. Sounds invaluable indeed—ally as well as frequency.
    May she be happy now.


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