… may grace whirl me …

So insults are spat                                                               

from voices of discontentdancing on my shadow

and righteousness trumps 

on every side of the fence                                  

like bubbles of soap

words dissolve on air

all names sound hollow


deep down we know

that truth flows among solids

as a soft wave – rolling

back and forth in time

moved by love that can’t be told

though it turns all worlds

I’ll keep on bridging

realms that mirror each other

and may grace whirl me

on my shadows’ crest – that is

this mystery’s heart dance  …


Bridging is also a theme of my first novel, ‘Course of Mirrors,’ whose cover image I’ll reveal in the New Year

 *   *   *   I’m wishing you all many moments of grace in 2017   *   *   *


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13 responses to “… may grace whirl me …

  1. A lovely, touching wish, Ashen, for which many thanks – and the same to you. Dxx

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  2. All the best for 2017, Ashen 🙂

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  3. Ashen, May your New Year be filled with love, good health, and happiness as you whirl about your lovely live.

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  4. silentnovelist

    Thank you for your lovely blessing, Ashen. I wish you good health and happiness and the fulfillment of your long-held dream. Already grace surrounds you, radiates, emanates – definitely whirls about you – that’s how I see you anyway. Happy new year! Love Diana xx

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  5. yes, many moments of grace throughout the coming year and beyond –

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  6. May grace continue to surround you Ashen in your words. Thank you for your 2017 wishes.

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  7. “and may grace whirl me

    on my shadows’ crest – that is

    this mystery’s heart dance …”

    I love it!

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  8. beautiful! – thank you Ashen, and the same to you

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  9. Jenny

    Thank you, thank you thank you ….a blessed year 2017 for the whole world

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  10. Lovely 😀 Wishing you the very best for 2017.

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  11. Thank you Ashen. What a lovely wish! Wishing you a great year ahead too!

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  12. Beautiful. Love, ‘like bubbles of soap/ words dissolve on air / all names sound hollow’.

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