… Cover Reveal – Course of Mirrors …


Every time I look at the image I smile.

It’s sufficiently intriguing to draw readers into my harvest of gathered paradoxical reality and, ideally, fall in love with the gripping odyssey of Ana and the memorable characters she meets. I took the photograph some years ago at the Atlantic coast, while exploring Morocco with a friend.

The official publishing date of Course of Mirrors – 29/04/2017 – and a short description, show up at my Troubador page, which will eventually have links added to amazon and other platforms.

When pre-ordering the book becomes possible I’ll let you know. It’s my hope that there’ll be early paper copies available at the Troubador stall during the London Book Fair in March.

At this stage the text of Course of Mirrors has been typeset and after a few tweaks looks great. Once a last proof between me and my editor is completed, I’ll forward PDFs to the two writers who kindly offered a review, unless they prefer to wait for a printed copy.

Releasing this book demanded years of patience, partly because I allowed my hands to be tied with a contract that did not materialise. This then is the beginning of a beginning that has awaited its beginning as in a dream. During the various delays I wrote Shapers, a sequel, where the myth-maker, Cara, is entangled with the same characters in a future time-zone. A SF, or a science of the heart, depending on how one looks at it .

Initially I’ll depend on friends to support my first offer and, if they enjoy the story, spread the word. At a later point I may have the resources to pay for promotion. Against all advice aimed at writers, I won’t set up a stall in the marketplace, nor will I create an e-mail list, nor will I increase the frequency of postings on this blog, though I’ll add a link to my Amazon Author Central page and my Goodreads page once the book becomes available.

A December 2016 blog post of mine was shared 58 times on Facebook. I’ve no idea who these kind people are. In case you’re one of them, please feel free to befriend me: Ashen Venema on Facebook, or join me on Twitter: @mushilgusha

I enjoy engaging with visitors here on all manner of quirky subjects, and I look forward to also respond to readers of my novel, inviting questions about the story and its characters.

p1080518-smaller-likeThis photo was recently taken by my son on a non-make-up day, after a delicious meal with one two glasses of wine.  I softened the stark reality of my age with a slight photo shop treatment. It’s the best smile I can manage in this time of confusing tragic/comic politics, for which there is no solution but to pray that the majority of people, the psyche of the world, will be able to face and endure the shadow revelations of our age, and the usual opportunists of fear –  without falling into despair …

Soothing hearts is of the essence.




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36 responses to “… Cover Reveal – Course of Mirrors …

  1. NIce post, great picture of you! I liked the usual but this makes a nice change! Glad someone else is strengthening my rejection of the book funnel email subscriber ideas. I am on the point of turning back to it all after a few warning dreams that every investment (in the dream) is with the wrong people and the wrong milieu! Congratulations on stoical determination!

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  2. You might want to consider taking advance preorders. Sign me up! Thanks, Bill C.

    williamcurrey@gmail.com 971-998-7905 503-719-5162 voice mail (I do not like Facebook)

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  3. Jenny

    What lovely exciting news…..❤️ Iam so curious to finally get your book….your images take me back to dreaming . . Thank you ,
    never lose the softness of your love
    Abiding in this sweet smile
    The heart releases in tiny bubbles
    When touched

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  4. what to respond to first?!!! … LOVE the cover, truly a captivating image; congratulations on realizing the dream, despite the many setbacks (isn’t that, after all, how they all materialize, by definition?!); and thanks for the stabilizing words about the current political atmosphere. thought I had moved beyond numb … until friday actually arrived … getting stronger and more grounded each hour since, though, thanks to the efforts and energy of many including yourself … stay strong and speak up, as we are now saying …

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    • I’m pleased the image captivates you, Sarah. Was trying to find a hiatus in the current atmosphere to slip in my cover reveal.
      There seems no let up of heart-stopping news across the world. The women marches were significant, hopefully alerting many numb politicians to forget about their status, cut through the hype and take a stand.

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  5. PS LOVE the picture; sons do bring out the best in us sometimes, do they not?

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  6. Congratulations, Ashen!
    Looking forward to the book.


  7. Ashen.
    I am truly pleased the launch is in sight. I’m sure as you are exposed to an even wider audience (Through the work of Course of Mirrors), the world will grow from that experience.
    To yourself and to all of your active supporters, congratulations and I hope the goodwill and love for you and your work, gives you strength in the journey forward.

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  8. Ashen, I am delighted at your news, and looking forward to reading the finished product at last. The very best of luck with your sales; you deserve it!

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  9. Thanks Jane. When I looks back i wonder about this person who employed her will to go down new paths almost every decade. I guess creativity has its own flow, we just swim along. Best luck with your projects, too. ☼

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  10. So happy for you, Ashen. Wishing you al success from the heart!
    Hope that it will be available on Amazon, in both versions?

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  11. Thank you for your heartfelt wishes, Sylvia. ☼ The book will eventually be available through Troubador (see link in text) and also through Amazon, both as paperback and as e-book on various platforms.

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  12. Congratulations! That’s truly wonderful news! I’ll look out for “Course of Mirrors” when I’m at the LBF.

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  13. davidselzer

    Splendid cover, Ashen, just right!

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  14. You being one of the few people who read the MS, I appreciate very much that you think it works. Thanks, David ☼


  15. Rob Leech

    A very beautiful image Ashen…..as is customary with your pictures.

    I wish you every success with your books.

    Love and blessings

    Rob X

    On Sun, Jan 22, 2017 at 5:20 PM, Course of Mirrors wrote:

    > courseofmirrors posted: ” Every time I look at the image I smile. It’s > sufficiently intriguing to draw readers into my harvest of gathered > paradoxical reality and, ideally, fall in love with the gripping odyssey of > Ana and the memorable characters she meets. I took the phot” >

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  16. The cover is lovely Ashen and how special to use your own photograph for this. And your son’s photo of you is lovely too!

    I wish you very well with the publication and await the links when on Amazon – will check out Troubador links too –

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  17. Great cover! I wish you the very best on the launch of your book 😀

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  18. Congrats on your coming book. The cover is beautiful 🙂

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  19. Wonderful news! The cover looks great 🙂

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