… sculpture park …

Dreams in stone, fairy horses, quills that use earth as ink, see-through elephants, surprises in the ponds, ghosts, flowing stone, water magic and mysterious circles …

Inspirational hours with my son and his partner at the ‘Sculpture Park’ in Surrey, near Churt.  So  close – and yet I had never visited the place. Like the man behind the bar in the pub opposite, who worked there for many years and not once stepped through the gate across the road. Makes me think of worlds we miss by the blink of an eye.

Here are some images of the place …

magic circles to other worlds …  

If you’re in the area, don’t miss it: http://www.thesculpturepark.com


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9 responses to “… sculpture park …

  1. Beautiful. Ashen, if you ever come down to Devon, you must visit Broomhill…in fact, even better, I shall take you there. 🙂


  2. Ashen (Pia)

    Whoa, I looked the place up, it has a wider scope, more sky, great for installations. Thanks for the offer – long ride from Surrey, not an everyday journey. We used to live in Somerset for five years, in a small Hamlet, so I know bits of Devon and Cornwall. Never heard of Broomhill before.


  3. Wow! Looks fantastic. That sort of place looks like a gold mine of inspiration for writers.


  4. What an amazing, magical place! It reminds me of when I was a youngster and my dad took me for daylong visits to the home of the late artist David Smith. The estate was “littered” with Smith’s welded steel sculptures and though I new nothing of abstract art, the pieces seemed to emit some strange energy for me. I felt at home among them.Those visits were restful and exhausting at the same time.
    I really envy you having such a venue nearby. Thanks for sharing it.


    • Ashen (Pia)

      Thanks, JF, lovely, that the images brought back a day with your father. What’s so wonderful about sculptures is if you circle them the light and background sculpt the object anew, given there is space around them.


  5. Oh, this looks beautiful. I especially like those carved tree trunks… really ethereal.

    And yes, we do often miss what’s under our noses – though that’s one of the beauties of having guests… you suddenly realise all the local places worth seeing when wondering where to take visitors.


    • Ashen (Pia)

      Initially we planned Birdworld, to which every road sign in Surrey points. Last visited when my son was little, the entrance fee since mushroomed. For three it would buy a ticked to the Mediterranean. We found plenty of birds in the Sculpture park too, not caged.


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