… dream of a floating web-page …

a burst of love – peals of laughter –

drum-sound rolling on a bass-note –

shape-racing – emerging – whirling –

converging – diverging ripples …

swift and bright a screen appears

huh – seriously weird – I half wake

to a google-page floating in mid-air

with a line in my mother-tongue:

… ich weiss dass ich nicht weiss

just what I need – a teasing code …

I might click the suspended screen

and glide into the net – follow threads

in the ever-maze where ghost-hands

seduce into tunnel-dreams while bits

from undone chains clutter and disperse

like pearls in a dark-sealed void …

the sense of an unfettered mind remains

holding a virtual message in place

as my own – intending to ponder its words

of Socratic wisdom in bright daylight –

homing the unknown …

Ashen 25th Oct 2011

Using this ancient PC brain. My new laptop is in repair.


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6 responses to “… dream of a floating web-page …

  1. What a beautiful and inspiring blog, one which I think Kafka would be pleased to find, were he alive–which he isn’t, and were he inclined to use the internet–which I don’t think he would be. This methodology I believe will become my new lens on the world–What Would Kafka Do. Do they have a bumper sticker for that? Thanks for making me aware of your writings–really wonderful.


    • Thanks, Mary. I’m pleased you like my blog. A bumpersticker – What would Kafka do? – this made me laugh. I liked the quote you chose of him in your blog entry, and it made me think how he would relate to the ocean of the internet. Go for it. There’s a lot of milage in entering a dialogue with creative minds that inspired us.


  2. Love this… but then you might guess that… I know that I do not know? What’s not to love; what’s not to no?


    • Thanks, Jane. Socrates also said something like – living starts when you start doubting everything that came before you –
      A good recipe to lighten the tyranny of reason. Loveable fools, bless them.


  3. “ghost-hands seduce into tunnel-dreams”

    I love that.

    Great poem, Ashen.


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