… ups and downs of appreciation …

to thank the heart

that pumps her blood

but is also capricious

to thank her skin

for its fine senses

but not its itches

to thank her tongue

that tastes the wine

though its craving is costly

to thank her stomach

for its friendly moans

but not for its revolts

to thank her nose

for the aroma of coffee

but not for the allergies

to thank the sun

that cheers her day

but she flee its scorching heat

to thank the twilight

for its mystery

though it holds melancholy

to thank the moon

for its splendour

though it upsets her moods

to thank the poets

for their insight

be they opaque

to thank her ancestors

for their endowments

though some are dire

to thank her parents

for the gift of life

though they clipped  her wings

to thank her child

for its joyous arrival

though sacrifices were made

to thank her friends

for their kindness

though losing them hurts

to thank her foes

for her trials

though forgiving  them  is hard

to thank the imperfections

that altered her path

be they often self-destructive

to thank the devices

that ease her days

but not when they malfunction

to thank her ears

for music, wind and rain

though not for the shrill sounds

to thank her eyes

for the world’s colours

though they can overwhelm

to thank her dreams

that bring treasures

but also anxieties

to thank her naivety

for avoiding disputes

though it inhibits her actions

to thank her angel

custodian of her soul

though vital messages are missed …


she thanks readers

for appreciating her books

though she longs for reviews …


Exciting … If you type … Ashen Venema, Shapers … into google, you’ll find several platforms that allow you to pre-order #shapers. The e-book link will follow once the paperback is released.


The image above is a painting by Cynthia Holt, inspired by some of my poems. I lost contact. Can’t find her now


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8 responses to “… ups and downs of appreciation …

  1. Isn’t the painting and the artist something to be thankful for, but losing contact a downer? Best of luck with your new novel. ~Nan

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  2. Rob Leech

    Excellent poem Ashen. Thanks. Light and dark is always mingled.

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  3. Rob Leech

    Excellent poem Ashen…..thanks. Light and dark are always mingled.

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    • These days it’s kind of ineffective to mingle. To make an impact you must be either for or against something. The subtle inner communication (or soul-making) is lost in our climate of polarisation.


  4. This poem echoes all my current thoughts, where regret and appreciation do battle daily! Much love.

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    • I’m pleased the poem resonates. Let’s hang in there. It’s surreal how the media is saturated with inane advice and ‘new’ research that amounts to no more than common sense. Reflective dialogue and doubt are not fashionable.


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