… sharing a heart-warming present …

A few years ago I decided to value my writing enough to make sacrifices.  I’ve since devoted every spare moment to this solitary word-sculpting activity, with no idea where it will lead, and therefore feel tremendous joy whenever my compositions arouse curiosity, and especially when someone groks the universal myth I struggle to filter through my individual imagination, my psyche.  Why do writers, and artists, share the facets stirring in the depth of their soul without the promise of a resonanating  audience? … It’s a mystery.

Image by Cynthia Holt JPEG riverside8

Cynthia Holt, living on the other side of this planet, created this painting for me, inspired by two of my poems, Riverhead, and Sleeping Sun … It struck me that the image relates, in essence, equally to the constellation of my novels, yet to be published.

Thank you, Cynthia, for your spontaneous offering. It speaks to how, through interconnections, face to face, or in the realm of the virtual web, we stimulate each other’s creativity.

The image can remind us of the two worlds, indispensable to each other, which we bridge – and how against the canvas of pregnant darkness, the spirit’s eternal light defines our unique myths towards consciousness.

A peaceful Christmas time, and abundant Blessings for the New Year to all …

I’m looking forward to spending a few days in Amsterdam with friends and family.

Since I posted this, Cindy has done a most beautiful post on her mermaid tavern site, including a poem by T S Eliot, a song, and a chart of the Hero’s Journey.



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15 responses to “… sharing a heart-warming present …

  1. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas time and the very best of everything in the coming year. xx Diane


  2. Viv

    Every blessing to you and on your work xxx


  3. Love the spark that you celebrate between two ‘unknowns’. All the best for the book this year, and for the sequel being delivered! Thanks for Christmas greetings and have a wonderful time in Amsterdam.


    • Hope is hopping on my shoulder like some grumpy pixie deprived of its magic wand. I will however enjoy Amsterdam and company. Thanks for all your encouragement. May best things come on the breeze next Year.


  4. What a wonder-ful confirmation for you 🙂


  5. Ashen, a virtual friendship relies heavily on silken words spun masterfully together, forming a webbed reservoir that will capture a passing cloud.
    Your words elegantly characterise what it is to be calm and hopeful.
    May your Christmas be one of great joy and thakyou so much for the wonderful words you have spent throughout this year.B


  6. Why do we do it? Many, many reasons but sharing connections is definitely one. Have a splendid holiday and much peace to you in the new year. And for what it’s worth, I always have to sign in to comment on your wordpress blog too 🙂 and sometimes lose what I’ve written! A fitting metaphor, I think, for communications across time and space. But sorry for your frustrations with my google one! x


    • This writing business, yet another mirror to gage our existence.
      The different web domains are like countries where border guards require identification. I should remember by now 🙂
      Wishing you and your tribe a lovely holiday.


  7. Wow! What an amazing thing to do, to create an artwork for you! It’s beautiful and really does fit you and your work so perfectly, that magical blend of dreams, starlight, endless oceans of possibilities and thoughts. The figure standing between two worlds, the world of reality, of strong shadows under sharp suns and the world of dreams….just lovely. Have a really wonderful Christmas sweetie, may all your wishes come true. Sending warm festive hugs and good karma your way. 😀 xxx


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