… a tad overwhelmed …

Blinded by too much going on in the world, and then this …


The sun in my eyes

I barely dodged a speeder

In my local town

Saving lives like a martyr

I scraped a parked car

But the knock broke my steering

My dear car is a write off

And I am grounded


I mourn my loyal car, and now need to find another beloved old car for local driving.

Any support in kind thoughts, or via Patreon, is hugely appreciated.




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9 responses to “… a tad overwhelmed …

  1. So sorry to hear of your bad luck. Apparently car accidents of all kinds are up due to pandemic pressures piled on top of all the other overwhelm of these current times. Take good care of yourself!

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  2. Are you OK?  Sounds a nasty experience.Sophia/AngieSent from my Vodafone Smart

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  3. Arrrggghhh, bad luck Ashen. Sorry to hear. Thankfully no-one including you was injured. Hope the universe finds a way to give you wheels for spinning in the usual way. All best –

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  4. Actually accident happens unexpectedly! It’s good that you are okay.

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