… shades of paranoia …

‘You hit me back first.

My predictions always come true.

Don’t dare to invalidate my reality.’

Nuances of paranoia affect all of us.

We may be well-balanced and trusting

folks, but out bodies still hold the

fears and traumas our parents experienced,

and the generations before them.

When safety fears are triggered, we tend

to slide from anxiety to paranoia.

In today’s culture this has become a normal

disposition, a challenge to be alert and patient

with the love and hate conflicts inside us.

Yet when fear splits the heart from the head

our bodies go numb to feelings, and empathy.

the spiritual potential of our being is arrested, and

one’s world turns into a hostile and lonely place to be.

Collective paranoia spreads like a virus,

flowing into already anxious minds,

feeding on irrational fears of danger

and the need to blame somebody.

When public figures act out their paranoia,

they become super-spreaders of fear.

Does this virus have a remedy? Depth Analysis?     

Listening to Bach? Wilderness retreats?

The occasional pinch of hemp oil, known

to free blocked wires in the brain that

channel superior cosmic insights?

Sadly, when magnified fear has eroded trust

in fellow humans and silenced the whispers

of affection from our hearts, truth is walled in,

and seeds of hope fall on barren ground.

While paranoia can carry a kernel of truth,

suspicious hunches are easily twisted and

inflated to surreal proportion. I grade my own

paranoia from anxious overload – to irrelevant –

to useful. The latter protects me from harm.

There is a Sufi saying …

Trust in God but tie your camel at night.

Night also holds the hidden content of our neglected

unconscious, where fears and desires entwine

as archetypal forces that can take us over when

entitlement and apathy have made us careless.

Clearly, our inner narrative needs witnessing with

constant re-adjustment, so we  remain grounded and

balanced in human values – among them – integrity,

humility, friendship, humour, and reverence for life.


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11 responses to “… shades of paranoia …

  1. spot on! LOVE that image!!!

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    • Thanks, dear friend. Had to find some words, not that they ease the pain I feel about what is happening in the world. Re: the image, I was impressed by this installation displayed at a sculpture park near where I live.


  2. Kamran

    Greetings… thank you … so true … and as always so beautifully expressed… I found your view helpful in putting my own anxiety into perspective…
    😌 Ahh Perspective… that healing element in consciousness…
    The other morning I woke from actually praying for peace & understanding in this sad , tear stained world of ours …
    all Best Wishes …
    Luck Grace Blessings…
    Only from the Heart can you touch the sky …

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    • Thank you, Kamran. Between rage and sadness, I feel deep empathy for all who suffer from this act of aggression, as do people around the globe who witness events through the media.
      I wish for ordinary Russian people will wake up.
      In that sense I respect and admire the journalists, who ignore danger in order to report the truth of what’s happening, a truth which will eventually filter through to the Russian people
      Praying ♥ offering loving attention to ALL victims of this conflict, I’m certain, will help open ways for a transformation of this situation.
      I’m with you there ☼ ☼ ☼


  3. Thank you Ashen, so beautifully expressed. Let’s hope that the values you say, are truly grounded.

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  4. Thanks, once again an inspiring mirror

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  5. This writing hits hard!


  6. My goodness, Ashen, such beautiful insight into the world we’re living. Just wish we can change the way it’s heading.

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