… a rare social outing at a small car boot sale …

The weather was a little unpredictable, but, just in case, I made small preparation. A night without rain settled it. I got up at 6 am this morning. As a last thought I took a few copies of my novel, ‘Course of Mirrors,’ along. I sold seven copies, at half price. My entry catch phrase was, ‘Do you read?’ The lovely exchanges and the personal signing of copies gave me much pleasure.

I regret not having simply gifted a mouth harmonica to a little boy wandering around alone. He showed keen interest. ‘Oh, it’s a musical instrument,’ he said, after I told him how easy it was to play by just using breath, how many musicians and songwriters played it, how Blues was associated with it – though I should have introduced him to Bob Dylan, too. I burned to play it for him, but didn’t want to put my lips to the new harmonica, Corona and all. Next time I must take a second one to demonstrate the magic. It’s such a shame that children are not introduced to this small and relatively inexpensive instrument. So there, that’s my regret of not thinking sharp, not listening deeply enough, not chancing on a significant moment for a little person.

Otherwise I engaged people in conversation. A retired teacher with an amazing knowledge of history – a retired librarian whose life is still all about books – a retired builder who cycled all around southern England and still cycles every day. He also fixes ‘anything,’ and may be my saviour regarding small jobs around the house.

I had images of some objects I did not take along, an Edwardian shelf, an Art Deco vase, which caught the eye of interested buyers. I can do with extra cash, since there’s no end to things that need attention around the house.

Friendly neighbouring stalls made the whole morning very enjoyable. I realised how starved people are, including me, for social contact.

The car boot sale happened on the premises of an agricultural museum, adding charm. A fabulous steam train travelled up and down behind my stall. When there were children on it I waved, and they waved enthusiastically back.

News that cheer, my son, whom I haven’t seen for six month, will come for a visit next week, and a Swiss friend, who recently read ‘Course of Mirrors,’ loved the novel and is supporting its promotion.

And I finished another editing round of ‘Shapers,’ sending out fresh text copies to my beta readers and my editor for hopefully a final feedback re: polishing the text, before a copy edit. It’s my intention to publish ‘Shapers,’ the sequel to Course of Mirrors, initially as an e-book, unless I can find an agent or publisher. Wish me luck.

I hope you, my readers, have some light moments to help you during these surreal times.


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8 responses to “… a rare social outing at a small car boot sale …

  1. David Selzer

    Ah, the priceless value of small things!

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  2. Yeshen Venema

    Lovey to read this – you should go to more car boots! Yx

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    • It depends on the weather – cold winds are not for me. And I avoid the big ones, where buyers swarm in like vultures before one can set up a stall. Also, it’s nice to have someone to share the fun with – not always possible to arrange. But car boot events can be great to meet people.

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  3. Rob

    Hi Ashen
    Thanks for sharing your honest insights from the car boot sale. I hope you don’t sell too many of the beautiful items that adorn your “little palace”. It’s always so pleasing to the eye and nourishing to the soul to visit you in your little house and garden of creativity. Nothing opulent, brash or boastful….just sheer “good taste”!

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    • 🙂 Thanks – No worry. I mainly sold clothes and materials I no longer wear or have use for, and a few drums, of which I had too many, from the time when we still met in groups. I wish I had had the means to transport stuff from Germany after my dad died – walking sticks, tin tankards, endless stuff I could not afford to store. To let go of things is a fine art.

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  4. Sounds like you had a fruitful day, Asha 🙂 Good vibes being with nice people. Good luck with your new book too.

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