… meeting my foxy child in twilight …

a tall fox appears

in the garden’s night shadow

he stops – sits – alert

cautious from a safe distance

we eye each other

he triggers my cunning child

buried long ago

since grownups detest smartness

even hunt their kind

yet through our meshed lineage

recognition plays

in the nimbus between us

we affirm being

and our shape shifting stories

Next day I strung up my little hammock near that magic spot, with different views:                                       








Mostly, during these surreal lock down days, I sigh and groan a lot, bewildered by hilarious media stories and the never ending blame games, which, given people are bored, have gained major entertainment value – and this from my perspective of not having watched TV for years.

Keep sane my friends.


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7 responses to “… meeting my foxy child in twilight …

  1. I LOVE this! You and your inner child have some wonderful memories, and you are great at keeping yourself sane with the craziness in the world. Stay safe and healthy. Thanks for sending the love!

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  2. Rob

    Thanks Ashen
    I had associated “nimbus” with types of clouds. Didn’t know it also means “halo”…..that’s a nice discovery, especially if you share one with a fox….and a tall one at that!
    Rob xx

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