… a dream of being in the dark …

How to reconcile moments of pure beauty and light our restless world offers, with the heavy darkness of human ignorance? How is it the guiding spirit that is shining through everything so often escapes the unseeing eye? Is it our wounded hearts, or our anxious busy thoughts that prevent spontaneous being?  Many of us like twilight, the dawn, the dusk, mist, where darkness and light do not negate but enhance each other. They mingle. As friends do, or lovers.  Twilight is poetry in motion.

And what, you may ask, does she mean by the guiding spirit that shines through everything. It’s a core in me that connects to the one soul-being I belong to, the only self I really know. And while I’m not enlightened, I do experience timeless moments, glimpses into the sixth dimension, nodal points around which the fiction of my existence is woven.

The other day, my long-ridiculed romantic fool tossed out these lines:

like tiny cherubs

white butterflies loop across

green teeming canvas

thou – sweet silent mystery

do you sense me sigh

when the cold moon-rock rises

as luminous globe – hello dear ones lost in time – your intense living – is forever part of me

‘Long live the dead because we live in them.’  …  Clarice Lispector, A Breath of Life

When there is no other near to share such paradoxical quickening with, I may call on those who enriched my life but are no longer present. I adore the moon, the ancient chunk of earth, reflecting and making tolerable the blinding beams of the sun, granting us poetry and symbolic language.

That night I had a dream and remembered its last facet … I’m floating through a soft, vibrant darkness. A small voice says, ‘You’re the light, look again.’ Sure enough, I spot the outline of a building and bright points, like glittering stars. A series of scenes unfolds, which brings clarity to a puzzling questions. Darkness holds memories, visions and vital knowledge, though it requires trust in the guiding spirit as a mode of orientation. Insights are shy; they wait to be found.

Nature, being energy manifested in slow motion, breathes life into countless rhythms and tunes from the recorded symphonic sounds of the universe – to continuously re-animate the one being of eternal life. Yet we humans, who pride ourselves in aiding this process with heightened consciousness, are increasingly busy destroying the homeostasis life depends on. Can a virus offer a long enough pause for the powers in charge to acknowledge this self-destructive madness? Below anger, I feel the deep sadness, the spiritual starvation, an unfulfilled longing for meaning, for being worthwhile, accepted and loved.

I sense a change of mood in the collective mind, a call for change. Upfront are manic voices using the language of warfare against the invisible enemy – let’s control it – defeat I – kill it – get on top of it. I feel this kind of rhetoric misses the point entirely.

In Sept. 2012 I did a blog post on the unseen stuff.

We must see things fresh, not through tired ideas our establishments bank on, that destroy nature’s homeostasis and spill imbalances into cultures too poor to afford resistance. I say – let our children and young people decide what’s worth living for?

 ‘A day, whether six or seven years ago or whether six thousand years ago, is just as near to the present as yesterday. Why?  Because all time is contained in now.’   – Meister Eckhart


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10 responses to “… a dream of being in the dark …

  1. Rob

    A very beautiful poem Ashen. Thankyou.

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  2. Lovely post Ashen thank you. May not only children and young people see things anew –

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  3. Is it a delusional dream to think that things might change? I hope not. I have recently found myself re-living my childhood summers and care free days. A time when I could lose myself with other children in nature until the sun went down. No thought for the future but living just in the now. As for the glimpses of an unseen world, I often wonder and long for my soul tribe. I think it might be that the young and the grannies and grandads can appreciate the now far more than the in betweenies.

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    • Change is presently forced upon us. One positive is that low paid vocational work and ‘so-called’ menial work is suddenly valued. Rightly, these are the jobs that keep our infrastructures functioning. But pay rises won’t be enough, increasing automation calls for a basic universal income, giving dignity, enabling volunteering and small enterprises.
      Equally urgent would be for the powers in charge to dare measures against excess greed and the exploitation of planetary resources.
      I resonate with your childhood memories – lucky us that we can re-evoke such healing experiences. And later the challenges – I wonder how I plucked up the energy to achieve things against all odds, or managed to survive really difficult times.
      Keep well, Gillian.


  4. I am hoping we are moving into a new understanding, a more caring world. Some people want to hang onto the old, but I want the new. Change is inevitable because of the lockdown and everything that has happened. Our world will change. I hope for the better. It is only when we as individuals can learn to be at peace with uncertainty that we can move forward. Resistance will happen, but we can hope. I sometimes wonder if I get downloads from the spiritual realm occasionally because at the end of last year I decided to stop counselling the handful of clients I had and start nurturing myself. I was prepared to step into the unknown. I eventually completely stopped in February of this year and shortly after this virus occurred. It was almost like a confirmation. At first I questioned whether I had made the right choice but I now know I did. This is a new adventure.

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