… a little backstory to ‘course of mirrors’ …

When I enter the room Dot is absorbed in reading from a folder among stacks of papers stored in drawers under a bed. ‘Hey,’ she looks up, ‘this is fascinating. It’s got your name on it.’

We were clearing the main house of a workshop venue near London, a magical place I had been associated with for 30 years and which I facilitated during the winding down period of its operation, dealing with the grief of an international community, as well as managing group bookings for the remaining few months, before the estate was sold.

The folder Dot had discovered contained the beginning of a story I had drafted …  and then lost. For two action-filled decades my protagonist had lingered patiently in a corner of my mind. On that momentous spring day of clearing Ana emerged from her hibernation.

Resembling the experience of my own myth, Ana is called to her adventure by a kind of celestial twin, an agent between past and future, between dense and subtle realms.

The novel was completed five years on, much encouraged by E. Zohra Sharp, who offered her generous editing support. I also shared some chapters on the then still existing Harper Collins Authonomy site, where writers could give and receive feedback for work in progress, and have great fun with trolls.

In 2011 another project took priority for a few months, Heart of a Sufi, which involved organising, arranging and co-editing reminiscences about a remarkable teacher who had died in 1990, much too young. He was Fazal Inayat-Khan, aka Frank Kevlin, the grandson of Hazrat Inayat Khan – more here.

The same year, not wanting to become a writing recluse, I started this blog. Through a poet I met online, Course of Mirrors found a small publisher who loved the story, which perked my confidence. Three years passed without action – a long time when you are not getting any younger. During  the long wait, I did however write a time-travelling sequel and started a third book. Not keen to endure more agonising delays, I decided to self-publish.

In charge of the process, I had to make decision after decision, aided by a competent team at Troubador and my proof readers, Zohra and Susanne. There will be an initial print run, enabling bookshops to stock copies. The publishing date for Course of Mirrors is April 28th, but the book information is up and orders can be taken in advance, as paperback, and soon also as e-book.

Through Troubador, where I get the best royalties

Through Amazon …  and through Waterstones

Today the dynamics of spring enchanted. I glimpsed a yellow butterfly. Sunlight, dappled by branches into a gently moving lattice, was playing on a carpet of fresh cut grass, where Robins feasted on worms. The laurel hedge glistened. A few tulips made a pink and white appearance, their leaves folded as if in prayer.


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18 responses to “… a little backstory to ‘course of mirrors’ …

  1. The very best hopes for the book Ashen! Your patience has been exemplary and perhaps timing has its own momentum.

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  2. Thanks Philippa. Timing, yes. Spring is good ☼

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  3. davidselzer

    Splendid news, Ashen – and excellent blog as always.

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  4. Rob Leech

    All the very best for the forthcoming publication Ashen.

    Love and Light

    Rob X

    On Sun, Mar 26, 2017 at 10:48 PM, Course of Mirrors wrote:

    > courseofmirrors posted: “When I enter the room Dot is absorbed in reading > from a folder among stacks of papers stored in drawers under a bed. ‘Hey,’ > she looks up, ‘this is fascinating. It’s got your name on it.’ We were > clearing the main house of a workshop venue near London, ” >


    • Thanks, Rob. I’m just listening to an old tape of Rahima reading poetry, D H Lawrence, Rumi … I think I’ll take some paperbacks of Course of Mirrors to our gathering for Rahima in May. She would approve 🙂


  5. Can’t wait to read this! Have been benefitting from the writing on your blog for several years 🙂

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  6. Ashen: Will CoM be made available on AmazonUS? It currently shows April 28, but it looks like only an electronic edition? A few differences between Amzns than I knew about.

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    • Hi Joe,
      The e-book should work everywhere, once it’s up. Re: the paperback, I think for US, Australia etc. it will be produces as print on demand copy, to safe postage. I’ll find out more. I hope I learn as I go alone.

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  7. What a fabulous back story Ashen – clearly Ana had to be found, merely hiding for a while. I wish you all success with your publication .. 🙂

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    • Thank you dear Susan. I appreciate your support. Once the book is out, and my Kindle app is sorted (difficulties with updating) I’ll catch up with reading and writing reviews for the works of my internet pals. 🙂 Been longing to read you latest.

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  8. Your posts just goes to show that stories can sit in drawers for years and then come out to breathe new life 🙂

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