… bewildered hearts …

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We may reach out in vain towards heavy hearts shrouding broken ideals or stagnant truths that are dark-sealed against any doubt.

We may reach out in vain towards wounded hearts that shirk beauty, scorn at tender gestures, treat humour like treason and plot revenge.


Yet in the death rasp of each bewildered heart we may catch the echo of our sigh – the time-sculpted murmur of our own pain.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   P1060110 inverse lowres                                           


‘The ideal is the means; its breaking is the goal.’    Hazrat Inayat Khan



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15 responses to “… bewildered hearts …

  1. wow… i’m nicking that for fb if you don’t mind?

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  2. Wonderful use of language as always

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  3. I’m glad you think so. ♥


  4. Thank you Ashen, nothing is in vain. Hearing the echo –

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  5. No person remains free from pain – as none escape the tyranny which directs us in our quest to satisfy pain in others.B

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    • Could it be that pain is the cosmic tuning fork for developing human qualities?


      • A profound statement/question Ashen. When one can match words to feeling such as you have here, I am grateful. Thankyou for your reply Ashen.B


        • You read my pet philosophy underlying my question. An example would be a quote derived from a 1973 lecture by Fazal Inayat-Khan – ‘Reality is a function of contradiction.’ It values conflict as a creative, evolutionary force, and puts a spanner into superficial ideas of harmony. It’s also a theme of the sequel to Course of Mirrors, and even more so in the third book.


  6. ‘…treat humour like treason…’ Superb, Ashen!

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  7. Thanks for visiting, David.
    Humour 🙂 appreciating relative proportions, is like the salt of sanity. I like the English humour, though it seems to have suffered over Brexit.


  8. How beautiful and true, from the general to the specific. Nicely done.


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