… a father/daughter odyssey …

Opa Weiss - smallerIn frequent transit between countries, I’m also travelling through malleable realities with my dying 98 year old father. Experiencing past, present and future flowing into each other makes me realise, more than ever, that time is an invented concept.

I’m blessed to have some good friends in and around Munich, who are very supportive in this long anticipated, difficult time.

My dad never fired a shot during the last war, but excelled and won accolades in ‘Sportschießen.’

And he almost shares the August birthday with his famous namesake, the Bavarian Fairy King, Ludwig II, for whom annually a huge bonfire is lit on the Kogel in Oberammergau.

Kogel - with half-moon

The Kogel rock can be seen from my father’s apartment, and during a half-moon night earlier this year he captured this image on the left.

Presently my father is in care, eating little and sleeping lots. We have been going through a process of releasing the frames we put round each other.

Exhausted, I shortly returned to my UK home in order to recover from arranging care and sorting paperwork, and to catch up with my own stuff … post, cutting grass, clearing my mind etc.

When life requires complex actions, and becomes a bit overwhelming, we need to look after ourselves, as well.

I’ll be returning to the Alps next week to continue the father/daughter odyssey.

Not surprisingly, my first book, which I hope will finally be published this year, has a father theme at its core.


For those interested in the Kogel, I found this lovely post by Tricia Anne Mitchell, which was written last year …



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10 responses to “… a father/daughter odyssey …

  1. Thinking of you, with you Ashen! Not easy/

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  2. Thanks you, Philippa. It’s an intense and also good process.


  3. Such a difficult passage for all, Ashen. My thoughts are with you….

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  4. Hi! Ashen.
    This part of life is difficult beyond explaining, but through such many windows and doors open for a short time.
    With this advent of new understandings, new opportunities are gifted to us by those departing but this will not last. Before long, the windows and doors will again close and life will assume a more normal course.
    May I take the chance to wish for you, a journey which is full of grace and equal to all of the wonders grieving thrusts upon us.
    As you rightly point out, taking care of yourself is key to making such an experience.B

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  5. An odyssey is the right word Ashen. My thoughts and good wishes are with you both.

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