… emitting the real …

nothing beats the spiral

nothing beats the spiral

In the spaces between

Harmony and chaos

Wisdom voids the mind

To expose veins of

Hidden avoidances

Where – omniabsent –

Omnivalent in our longing

We exist inverted –

Give in receiving

Receive in giving

While surfing across the deep

To simulate worlds

Sift signals

Endure ironies

For evermore becoming

And emitting realities

Fleeing the ground

Of being …

*    *    *

Dear readers, I hope you stick around, while I’m immersed in writing scenes  for my second book, Shapers – the continuation of an epic search for the real.


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10 responses to “… emitting the real …

  1. Cool picture, lovely words. I’ll be here – off you go and do your wordsmithing thing. 🙂


  2. Me too, happy to wait. Endorse the dominion of the spiral…as you know!


    • Ah, the spiral reigns supreme. And you remind me now of ‘Burnt Norton,’

      … Go, go, go, said the bird: human kind
      Cannot bear very much reality.
      Time past and time future
      What might have been and what has been
      Point to one end, which is always present …


  3. Beautiful imagery, Ashen. Your words always speak to me sweetie. Thank you for sharing. 😉


  4. A friend, after reading my post, sent me this amusing extract of an Edwin Morgan poem, ‘Really Red.’

    … I walked out once to find the really real,
    from early morning into cochineal.
    That first mistake still seems to have appeal …


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