… a november poem …


P1050746 -low threshold

white plumes of mist rise

from a dripping branch – swept clean

but for nine that cling

lit by the last ray

they call out with gilded tongues

from the garden’s shade

translucent spearheads

uncaring of their fate they aim

at the hungry ground


P1050746 -low and contr


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13 responses to “… a november poem …

  1. The black and white version of the photograph is quite wonderful.


  2. Oh, this is a lovely observation… I find autumn/winter so sad, but when I read observations like this, I feel somewhat more mellow on the thoughts of death, darkness and the (seemingly endless) wait for spring and rebirth.

    Winter is a dreary time – seemingly of death, destruction, despair – but poems like this somehow bring out the optimism. As though the mere viewing of decline/destruction somehow evokes the promise that spring will come…

    I think, perhaps, I’m seeing the picture you posted of my book, your summer under-tree blissful reading spot and so now, as I read your poem about the leaves falling, I think of that summer view, and how it will come again…

    Lovely stuff. You are a patient and benevolent observer, I think… and this is, of course, a Good Thing.


    • Oh I remember, such a blissful summer, reading your book in the shade. Not so patient here, Sandie. At times (sigh) life seems all about diversions and waiting, and like you say … seemingly endless waiting … dreaming and waiting for another glorious moment, even if its only a paragraph that finally chimes 🙂


  3. Thanks, Katia. This year’s autumn does a slow waltz.


  4. Really lovely – there must be something in the air for I have read quite a number of pieces sympathetic to autumn leaves, not to the colours or the shushing noise as you kick them about but actually to the leaves themselves. It is rather lovely – thanks for this small but poignant piece – Diane


  5. Now as Harry Hill would say…I like the black and white photo – but I like the colour photo….but which is better…..FIGHT!!! Ok actually I do like the colour one….tres autumnal….


  6. A gorgeous poem, Ashen, evocative, eloquent, moving. LOVED it! 😀 xx


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