… the point is …

think of the skills acquired in a single lifetime …


to crawl, walk and feed yourself

to withhold gratification

find the balance to ride a bike

sink a nail, hit a goal, use force subtly

know the measure of things

sample tastes and combine

ingredients towards a delicious meal

respond to sounds, rhythm, colours

that animate and make your spirit soar

acquire the sensual intelligence to dance with objects

avoid danger – physically, emotionally

and intellectually – and not

swallow everything that is fed to you


look through the charade

and be your own person

form your unique worldview

make yourself understood

get what you want without begging

dig rules and learn to play

and win a game



be patients

act and flow with the wave

realise the power of expectations

the beauty of ideals

and their futility …


find wisdom in small things

intuit the flow of energy

recognise the power of the thought

you hold in your heart


What happens to the realisations

of a lifetime when you die?

What if you knew

that every understanding and accomplishment

is recorded on earth and in higher spheres

to enhance the past, present and future of lives to come?




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