… lovely light …


My friend, Ruth, has an allotment which is an inspiration …





























A memorable day of lovely light …











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7 responses to “… lovely light …

  1. Super pictures, this September light is really something special and it seems to be even more so when seen in and around green and growing things. The gardens seem to me to make a special effort for a final fling before it’s time to close down. Impressive garlic


  2. Wow, it’s fantastically beautiful!


  3. Ah, what gorgeous shots. (and just the thing to brighten up the grey day here!)


    • Thanks. Was it the bright garlic? Had missed posts on your blog. Just saw you were having a dark phase. I have those and tend to think nobody wants to know. The art of writing seems to demand a distillation. But we have lives, including day-to-day procrastinations and boredoms, phases of incubation are fascinating too. She says 🙂


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