brain re-wiring in progress

Laptop crashed – and now – from XP to horrid, horrid window 7

I’m in the process of re-wiring my brain. Why can’t they keep things simple. I know the madness will pass, and I’m beginning to appreciate some of the new features of the software. Programmers, the unsung hero’s, eh?

Here’s a little how things feel for now … sample from chapter 3 …

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*    *    *    *

…. Into the calm of night burst the incoherent chatter of voices. From the dark glared countless pairs of bright saucer eyes. The stone in my hand gave off a light, and in its radiance I made out dwarf-like shapes. They jiggled between trees like entangled marionettes, awkwardly limbed, clad in distasteful rags …



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6 responses to “brain re-wiring in progress

  1. Hang on in there, in a week or two you’ll wonder why you thought it was difficult and how you ever liked the old programme. x


    • Sounds like you’ve been there many times 🙂
      No matter how often, it’s the change of rhythm I talked about and maybe shouldn’t have, traumatic, major disruptive, a kind of rebirth.


  2. As I’ve come to expect, this extract is a glittering jewel. If your computer crashing evokes this sort of response, it should do it more often.


  3. Mark

    Brain re-wiring = Mirrors off course?


  4. I tells it like I sees it. x


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