the trance of rhythm

I tend to wake with a keyword or an image, nothing new, just reshuffled ideas that emerge, as it were, from the darkroom. Today the keyword was ‘rhythm.’

I hope it makes you wonder.

*    *    *    *

Order unfolds from chaos through rhythm in all dimensions.

Stick your fingers in your ears and hear the blood-river …

Press your fingers on your wrist and feel the rhythm of your pulse …

Hold your hand to your face, and know what travels on the breath returns …


The beat and rhythm of the heart begins within weeks of conception in the womb, and invites the spirit into a trance-dance. Why would spirit otherwise get itself trapped in the constraining form of a body, with limited access to the universal mind, attracting only certain frequencies, all depending on the contents of the available gene bank, the energy of the planet constellations at the time, and the quality of stimulation the environment happens to provide.

Repetition is the trance. We learn by repetition, we relax into its familiar beat, habits of belief, feeling, thought and behaviour. The quickly established repetitive patterns comprise the cards we are dealt to play with.

The deck of cards is universal, and the game has laws, physical laws, psychological laws, spiritual laws, and random laws. When we make an effort to learn the blueprint of our cards and acknowledge the player in us who holds the hand, the game has meaning, whether we win this round or not.

He who cannot see himself within the context of at least 2000 years expanse of history is all his life shackled to days and weeks.


… anyone noticed how irrational our rational culture behaves?

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  1. Hmm quite lovely and a different way of looking at things. I love the connection with the thought of playing wih the deck you have been dealt and that it is okay not to win every hand.


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