webs and networking

Some time ago I took this photo of a carefully designed spider net in my garden.

I have a serious question – it seems to me that spider webs are deteriorating. They still do the job of catching food, but they are irregular, arbitrary and carelessly designed. Is it my looking, is it that I tend to come upon haphazardly made nets as a reflection of my own state of mind, or is it a general condition of our time reflected in nature?

And yes, there are as many metaphors here as you wish to apply, the general lack of human engagement, the lack of stillness and concentration, and the virtual meaninglessness which pervades so much of our web and networking activities included.


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2 responses to “webs and networking

  1. Could it be do you think that the spider population where you are living has changed. Some years the types of birds visiting changes, an excess of sparrows, a glut of blue tits or a plethora of blackbirds. Could it be that this is reflected all the way through the food chain and in fact the types spiders are different and they do all make different types of web don’t they. Of course it could just be that you have layabout, couldn’t care less spiders. Maybe they are on drugs!!!! Must go now and hunt the garden and see what my little guys are up to.


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