what would you do?

this is a dream shared by Cara, which Ana recorded in her diary. The dream appears in chapter 23 of – Course of Mirrors – when Rufus gets hold of Ana’s diary …

I am a passenger on a large vessel that is sinking. Its bow gradually keels under. At about 90 degrees, the movement stops. I look through the porthole at stern and discover why. The ship’s anchor is caught on a protruding rock. A hammer hangs next to the porthole. I can smash the glass and save myself. But I must alert others. Who can I trust?  If word of rescue spreads, the panic will bring a stampede of passenger to this porthole. The balance of weight would be upset and dislodge the precarious hold the anchor has on the rock. We would all sink to the bottom of the ocean.

A vexing problem … ?


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2 responses to “what would you do?

  1. Smash the porthole, climb onto the rock and then shout to the others on the boat and offer to catch a rope to secure the vessel before the rescue stampede


  2. Would the ‘intention’ lend justification to the decision of escape and bypass the conscience over the rest of the passengers? Panic travels fast. One could make up a rope. But would a girl have the strength to manage a rope heavy enough to secure an anchor and hold tons and tons of a ship?


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