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… what’s your myth …

Do you paint your myth into clouds?


Do you find your myth on the ground?

P1110100 - low

Do you search for your myth in love?


Do you clean up writings on the wall because you weighed life on scales and found it wanting?

Graffiti under Waterloo 1 lowres

Is your myth in the process of being sculpted?

Two faces in stone

Are your myths about debunking clichés?

My Pictures 414 lower

Are you shaping your myth into the future?

Royal Academy, London - lowres

Are you the eternal traveller – like me?

Elba travels - Copy

This post was inspired by a writer friend I exchanged a few emails with. And I found myself expressing a thought in this vein … Writers and artists are like archaeologists; they dig, uncover and re-shape a personal myth until the myth takes wings and becomes universal, though many writers would deny this. And yet – think about it – the myths we live and re-shape give meaning to our lives and entice readers to explore theirs.

*    *    *

And who do we share our myths with?

Copy of Teddy and child, lowres

A listener like this chap does wonders for one’s confidence 🙂

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