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… surfacing …


Segment of 'The Magician,' a painting by Silvia Pastore

Segment of ‘The Magician,’ a painting by Silvia Pastore

her nocturnal creature mourns as meshes of  night disband the Other of her dream into strands that flow like oil colours –

marbling still waters under grey or rain-bowed sky as canvas for inventing random patterns of each day

beneath the mirrors an ever-turning gyre of souls in deep wordless liaison keeps churning the ocean

her inward creature drifts through curls of emptiness sifting strata of seasons

to gathered wisdoms of the human heart

its patina of touch and wear

sediments of ache and bliss

its gilded secret

cypher for another Eden

from which her inversed image falls

to the next fluid mirror always desiring the Other …

Ashen 10th July 2015

Maybe needless to say, just about everything I post here is relevant to my novels.

In relation to the poem, I thought you might enjoy the fascinating Art of the Marbler https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vyga8VMWXKg

And a short introduction to The Churning of the Ocean of Milk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MItyUwPAjLA

The segment of the Magician image is the work of a fine painter, Silvia Pastore http://www.silviapastore.com/ … Time and space are illusions …  Having obtained the copyright of the Magician as a cover for ‘Course of Mirrors,’ it seems my publisher, who I re-signed a contract with, has other ideas. I love Silvia’s work, but will remain open to suggestions, as long as my first novel is launched within the year. It’s been sitting quiet since 2011. Maybe all good things take time. A sequel is waiting in line, and I’m working on a third book in the series.


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… necessity – mother of invention …

I’m an inventor, ha, ha!

Too lazy to string a cable to my maisonette sleeping space under the skylight, I’ve been searching forever to find a good LED light to read by. I ordered one through the internet, which was PATHETIC.

Yesterday I bought two LED push lights for £ 1. 99 at a local hardware shop.

One of them is now resting in a structure made of a coat hanger, with the wire bend to just the right angle.

A light for half-a-penny under £1 – this must be a record. It also looks pretty elegant.

What do you think?

Other news – someone did a brilliant radio interview of me today and forgot to press the record button. As part of the interview I remember saying something like – things that go wrong send us on a detour, there may be something we need to pick up along the way.


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