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… philo sophies …

I switch it on …

my room appears

the heating kicks in

water sings the kettle

the car engine purrs

radio waves bring news

the screen lights up

movement is freed

and demands my attention

transitional moments

wildly alive moments

as in a child’s eye

the future guides

me switched on

when I trust the light








I switch it off …

spaces vanish

sound stops

movement halts

the screen goes dark

heartbeat and brainwaves slow

time is not

attention is freed

at peace with unseeing

in wilderness without limits

teaming with probabilities,

a roaming sphere

where deep intelligence guides

me switched off

when I trust the dark








*    *    *   *

The nature of the soul is like glass, transparent, and when one side of the glass is covered it becomes a mirror.

Hazrat Inayat Khan (from Metaphysics)

The soul can be a mirror to the manifest world while covering the spirit world, and in this way gain outer knowledge. When the soul mirrors the inner world, it receives inner knowledge.

H. I. Khan suggests that mastery comes with balance, in the sense that one can then choose which reflection is required at any given circumstance.



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