… autumn musings …

Daytime shortens here

And my dreams drift in twilight 

I reach out to friends

Sensing what is not expressed

Mere words won’t convey

The wistful curve of aging:

Our rites of passage

The oblique motions of love

Joint woes and delights

Parties under a full moon

Old secrets re-found

The joy of every new birth

Our shared memories

Flow round and round forever

In parallel realms

We fling stories to the void

Calling on magic

We count losses of

Dear companions and places

The death of loved ones

Those vanished treasured landmarks

Familiar routines

Our rights being curbed …

As if numbers were cyphers

Of life’s mystery

Though they tell us nothing new

After all – Zero

Faces both past and future

With blank indifference


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7 responses to “… autumn musings …

  1. Time passes too quickly. I think about this fairly often, because I’m way into my senior-citizenhood.

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  2. ♥ I’m with you there.
    Reading your last post, to be a ‘Greeter’ sounds special, well, inspiring. I must look into volunteering, having become too inwardly orientated over the last two years.


  3. Our life is like that ! Everything will finish at some point! Beautiful lines well shared thanks 👍

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  4. Rob Leech

    Many thanks for your beautiful, powerful poem Ashen…….and the exquisite photo.

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