… among anxieties, a few duende events …

Beginning of June, I had a first visit from my son after nine months not seeing him in person due to the corona lock down, though he lives only an hour away in London. Of late, he is also consumed by the costly bureaucratic process of sorting his late father’s estate in Holland. Over the two days of his presence, his pragmatic, hands-on approach accomplished many tasks in house and garden that were beginning to overwhelm me. Working together in perfect flow and harmony, the accumulated weight on my shoulders vanished as if by magic.

The weekend after, I enjoyed a first small gathering of friends in my garden since two years. By luck, it happened to be on one of those rare warm evenings when it was possible to sit comfortably outside until midnight, among lanterns and candlelight. We relaxed into long-missed story times, and the evening was altogether bliss.

Earlier in June, I experienced many sleepless nights, since I was suddenly urged to apply for the UK settlement scheme, or lose all rights, despite the fact that I had leave to remain here indefinitely since the 1980s, in fact, been living, working and studying here for many decades. I needed support from the citizen advice bureau, since I’m irrationally scared of online forms, and the process was indeed complex (I feel deep gratitude for the volunteers at the CAB.)

I only have a simple emergency mobile, but nowadays it is assumed that everyone owns the newest gadgets and is a techno whiz kid. Anyway, it seems my application was successful. We’ll see if border guards let me back into the UK after a trip abroad in times to come, in whatever future that might happen. I do miss seeing my friends in Europe.

The next challenges lie ahead. For the first time in years my car has not passed the MOT (annual motor test) and will need expensive repairs. Dentist work ahead, computer is due for a clean-up, and I need to safe money for the annual hedge trimming that requires wielding machines on high ladders. While I work hard on clearing and grass cutting, enjoying the physical activity, I’ve decided, wisely, not doing heavy machines on high ladders anymore.
But heck, the peonies have survived the rain so far and the blues are coming. I dare hope more duende events are waiting, and wish them for my readers, too.

I wrote something about duende four years ago, with a link to Garcia Lorca’s wonderful article on duende. Goethe called it the mysterious force that everyone feels but no philosopher has explained.

Still struggling here with the new wordpress format, though I discovered the Toggle blog inserter under the + sign. Now I must find out how to wrap text around smaller images 🙂


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8 responses to “… among anxieties, a few duende events …

  1. So glad to hear. Cheered me up.

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  2. It sounds like you have a number of challenges ahead. I hate going to the Dentist and car repairs. Stay safe over there.

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  3. Congratulations on getting the pleasure of enjoying your son. It IS a wonderful feeling after spending so much time in isolation. I am just now getting to see my friends. I love your garden.

    I still don’t enjoy the changes in WordPress, but I suppose if I would write more I would become more accepting of the changes. You did well! Stay safe and take care. Life does grow expensive as we age!

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  4. It is a hard time for all of us. I am happy you could meet your beloved son, and I hope for better days coming soon. 💖🤗

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  5. Rob

    Yes it was a really lovely evening Ashen and many thanks for being such a wonderful and gracious host.
    So glad to hear that your “settlement application” was successful. You must know by now that I have total sympathy with those who do not respond very positively to our increasingly digitised, bureaucratised way of life. Real life is nothing to do with series of 1’s and 0’s and tick boxes, any more than it conforms to the preceding mechanical model, beloved of Descartes, Newton and the inventors of heavy industrial machinery.
    Real life is endless mystery.

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  6. You have a lovely garden, Asha, and having spent quality time with your son is definitely a plus!

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  7. Hello Ashen,
    I popped in to say “Oh thank God for a pragmatic son.” Someone you can sometimes rely on. I resonate with a lot that you have said here. In my life also New Glasses are needed, that I keep putting off. The dentist, yes. Keeping the house respectable, etc, etc and as I get older I wonder how I am going to deal with it all as my body gets a little creekier each day. I have never been one to ask others for help, but it is dawning on me that sometimes I need to ask. I sometimes fantasize that I will end up like Miss Havisham in Great Expectations living with cobwebs hanging from the ceiling and covering everything in the room. (Horror of horrors) I do have a will though and where there is a will there is a way. I am pleased that you had your friends around, friends to cheer your heart. 🙂

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