… outer and inner horizons …

Atlantic coast, Morocco

Whatever dream is dreaming through me brings stimulation, challenge, insight, learning, or, during dark times, unlearning. The latter, with its accompanying disillusionment, has tested me for a while now. I’m not alone. The whole planet seems to be going through a dark moon phase.

I like to think beyond every effort, every hill and every sea are new horizons, outer or inner, where adventure beckons, treasures might be found.

But I tend to forget that the most relevant information is gifted by the body, and the planet. It is unsettling to accept the physical signs and their metaphors, because nature’s truth is scary. It holds a mirror of knowledge surrendered over time, with glimmers that engaged the human imagination and has given us the tools of science. As living organism and self-correcting system, nature deserves deep gratitude and respect.

The mind (psyche,) a finer and faster kind of matter, with the ability to emulate nature, plants and re-plant itself in any field of interest … outraces wisdom, seeks drama, familiar patterns, fertilises, grows, invents, designs, builds ideal dwellings, ideal systems, ideal worlds … be they citadels of power suppressing the underdog, utopias of love and liberty, or creative realms, where artists embrace and make the ordinary luminous and sacred. The mind loves myth-making, explores symbols, plays with forms and random connections, re-interprets reality and generate new meaning.

Continuously rejuvenated, mind pursues all imaginable universes across time, seeking eternity, since, even if unawares, it envisions the wholeness of its original home, where it will never be lost, but forever be enfolded by unlimited potential.

Yet when it comes to the daily business on this planet, the mind fares best when listening to the body, the living matter, the feminine principle (irrespective of gender,) and appreciates its cosmic interconnections, since all secrets arise from nature’s dark chambers. A severance from these intricate physical and mythical roots of our being can result in a devastating sense of futility, where the question, ‘What’s the point?’ brings up no action worth considering, no ideal worth following. Somber and futile looms a future that wants to fix waves into particles.

The thought brought on a Haiku last week …


if I were this calm

river without internal

discord – I would miss

how the waves urge particles

in random beauty

While unsettling at times, I must attend and listen to my body – learn and unlearn, flow with change, light and darkness, of dust, the chorus of wind and birds.


From an exhibition in Amsterdam, Dec 2014

And, hopefully, I’ll catch ever now and then a spark of Duende,’  the poetic escape. Goethe called it the spirit of the earth – a mysterious force that everyone feels and no philosophy has explained.

Follow the ‘Duende’ link above for Lorca’s talk.

Below, a related post from 2017 – Both links open new pages without losing the page of this post.

… letting go of letting go …



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6 responses to “… outer and inner horizons …

  1. Life has it’s ups and downs. Change is constant.

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  2. Beautifully and wisely worded – love the Haiku.

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  3. Hello Ashen
    In Aus. we used to have a ball game called “Totem Tennis”.
    This game was played by all and caused great delight when a player had hit a tennis ball enough to complete the climb to the top of a spring coil.
    Although being fun the game depended a lot on the strength of an elastic cord attached to a ball and a pole secured in the lawn.
    Even now, I still think of this game as a metaphor to the way the mind works.
    As you point out, the mind is a curious thing and travels many paths seeking adventure and structure. Without a strong, flexible attachment to base, the ball would fly off never to be seen again.
    The complication of a spring coil, sees the ball swinging to and fro and climbing up and down. This reminds me of learning and unlearning.
    But the key to Totem Tennis is the strength of the pole and how securely the pole has been driven into the earth.
    That secure base is always there in Totem Tennis and without the ball, pole and elastic would just be a pile of unused equipment stored in a garage.


    • Totem Tennis, a fun game, not known to me. And a great metaphor for the necessity of firm grounding. Games teach us a lot. We used to play Volley Ball during workshops. The rules and boundaries of the game provided the grounding and gave it the tension and high moments, like when good rapport within a team could keep the ball in the air for a prolonged period, until one player had the perfect chance to make the ball hit the ground in the other field. A kind of ‘ole, duende’ moment celebrated with great cheers.


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