behind the scenes – traders – angels who build, fix & maintain things

We take traders for granted. We hardly talk about the people who are often highly skilled and confident in their particular field. The term traders doesn’t sum it up but must do, since ‘crafts’ has come to define rare and often vanishing artisan work.

I’m talking of plumbers, heating-engineers, electricians, carpenters, construction workers, farm workers, roofers bricklayers, plasterers, waste collectors, sewage workers, tree surgeons, gardeners, transport personnel, car mechanics, fire fighters, nurses, cooks, carers, postal workers, IT engineers … and many, many others …

basically anyone who upholds the functioning of everyday life for us.

There are some cowboys, and I had my share of them, but mostly they’re well trained people, dedicated to their job, know their stuff, and serve everyone with sophisticated practical and theoretical knowledge.

I’m talking about hands-on work … work with the elements and under innumerable atmospheric conditions. These people deserve praise and should be given medals. Our lives would be severely disrupted without their expertise, and, frankly, societies would come to a standstill.

My experience with a skilled and highly intuitive heating engineer prompted this post. Combining a new boiler with an old pipe system is never straight forward. After many anxious months, John has solved a long-standing problem by exchanging misaligned pipes. I’m immensely grateful for a warm Christmas, thanks to my angel John.

You mayor may not have noticed,  my blog site is now called only.  No more silly adds, thanks to my son’s sanguine advice and expertise.

Though we can’t take it for granted, I’m wishing you, my readers, warm and joyful festive days wherever you are, and whatever your tradition.

And a little peace from the virtual world.


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17 responses to “behind the scenes – traders – angels who build, fix & maintain things

  1. ‘Real’ people are, or should be, respected more than those up high speaking words they never mean. Happy Christmas ~ George

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  2. Unsung heroes – thanks for acknowledging them Ashen.

    May you have a blessed Christmas, and may there be peace on earth.

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  3. This just felt like it needed saying ☼
    Thank you, Susan. Wishing you and yours, too – Blessings and Peace.


  4. Wholeheartedly agree! My most constant friends are all of that ilk, an all round handyman who does everything from electrics to plumbing to joinery, my boilerman who covets a piece of carving ( I shall bequeath it to him), my wood deliverer and feller of trees who stacks as well as tips, and my gnome of a gardener who comes and leaves before I am up to see the lawns done and the first spiralling smoke as a signal of his five o clock presence in the summer. Like a bird he ‘winters’ in Tenerife!

    They are all the reasons I can remain where I love to be! Without them I would be shunted into a ‘shelter!

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    • If they went on strike, we’d all suffer for sure. I dare say traders are the most essential people on our planet. Without their skills, which keep us safe in body and mind, from day to day, all levels of inspiration and imagination would wilt.


  5. People with only degrees do not make this earth better by themselves. My son hated school, but was very artistic and creative. He doesn’t have college, but as a Commercial Electrician he is now lead foreman for the Microsoft jobs and he makes more money than a lot of people do. He keeps a business running and he helps his neighbors and friends. School is about helping kids do better at what they enjoy in life. I wish I had this opportunity when I was in school!!!

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    • I agree, Gwynn. Your son was fortunate. It helps to have a wise parent to stand up to the often rushed and inflexible career advice. A young person may need a few years to discover what they really enjoy doing, and what gives them a sense of fulfilment and success. I worked with clients over the years, whose frustration with life was solved only in midlife by switching to a long loved vocation.

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  6. Hi there. A good heating system is worth its weight in gold.

    Happy holidays to you and yours.

    Neil Scheinin

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  7. Through the course of our design business we come across some of the most remarkable people with the very skills you refer to.
    Everyday functionality would be severely hampered without these professionals.We are eternally amazed at their skill level and grateful.
    So happy you finally resolved your heating problem Ashen. It will set you up forto warm and happy Christmas along with our own wishes for you

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    • Yes, we are extensions to each other, and exchanging our skills we exist in our local realities. And because I’m warm, I can enjoy the sparkle of frost beyond the window. Thanks Brian, and a lovely Christmas to you and yours.


  8. I shudder to think of where we would all be without these professionals, Ashen. They deserve our gratitude and respect. Many thanks for a great post!

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  9. Ashen, thank goodness your helping angel could sort your heating for you!😀 I agree the work of such craftspeople is invaluable! We too had the helping hand of a plumber to fix our crashing-noise boiler and an electrician to set up new lights before Christmas – each a wonder in their own way!

    Hope you’ve had a wonderful and peaceful Christmas and wishing you harmony and joy for the New Year! xx

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  10. Wise words, Ashen. Hope you’ve enjoyed the festive season, and best wishes for a happy and successful 2020 🙂

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