…Brexit – the exhausted old man …

Last week I had visitors, Fred, Kit and Mirre, dear friends from Holland. Their invigorating presence took me away from my mordant addiction to the UK Brexit drama, for a while, anyway.

We went to a nearby Sculpture Park.

    seen in Churt Sculpture Park

The particular sculpture on the right was pointed out to me by Fred, or I might have missed it. The body of the old man impressed and his image lingered on. It conveys interiority, a bowing down towards earth, in memory of its elements.

The old man sits still, listening to the hidden part of the soul below the surface of busy things. He may contemplate regrets, feel clichés evaporate and the linear progress of his life fade, together with familiarities of the past. For me, the sculpture also encapsulates a phase when ideals are crumbling during a homecoming to mystery, and hopefully a guidance from the spirit of ‘the one being’ we are part of.

The shape also evokes my father, who died almost a year ago, having nearly reached a century of existence. The most touching thing he said during the last years in a dreamlike moment was … ‘I want to be where you are’ … which took me by surprise, since he disapproved of my choices in life. I can only assume it was a slip of the tongue, or a desire to shed his history for an expanded imagination and another future.

as seen in Churt Sculpture Park

Bless my dad, he’s moved on …

Transformation happens unseen, much like in this present dark moon phase all of us experience within and without – sensing deep down that the eternal is ever now, and there’ll emerge another healing well, another spring of joy and renewal … the wildness of the unknown.

I deeply thank natural cycles, mirrored in seasons, world affairs and the lifespan of creatures.


Were it not so, humans would have no chance for reflection, redemption, renewal, and a fresh dance of love.

        seen in Churt Sculpture Park

‘We are the mirror as well as the face in it.                       We are tasting the taste this minute of eternity.            We are pain and what cures pain. We are                        the sweet, cold water and the jar that pours.’

Versions of Rumi from Open Secrets (transl. by John  Moyne and Coleman Barks.


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15 responses to “…Brexit – the exhausted old man …

  1. Absolutely beautiful Ashen and a delightful treat upon waking this morning.
    I shall think about such things all of my week.
    Cheers B

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  2. These sculptures are gorgeous and full of storytelling potential. 🙂

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  3. Beautiful and deeply observed from your visit to the Sculpture Park.
    It has a lot to say when you really look.


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  4. What a thoughtful and thought provoking post, and just what I need too, now that I’ve gone past the point of Brexit over-load. Who’d have thought we could bear so much of it…
    The sculptures are glorious, and your words evocative. Yes, transformations so often do happen when we aren’t looking, it’s good to be reminded of that.

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  5. Great and depthful post Ashen, thanks – yes, such sculptures do give cause for pause and to reflect …

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  6. Rachel

    Very touched by what your Dad said..we seem to have a similar paternal experience.. Enjoy your blog immensely Ashen. X

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  7. Perhaps your father didn’t like your choices, but he most certainly loved you ❤

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