… musings of a neglected teddy bear …

She brought me down from the attic this morning and gave me a good bashing and brushing at the back door, where the wind scattered my accumulated dust. She had no idea why she suddenly wanted me, the transitional object, around. But I know.

I make her smile – something to do with face muscles relaxing. And she needs a perk. Glued to the news, she’s expecting a revelation of meaning from the madness around the globe. She tells herself to ignore the surreal headlines that flit across her laptop screen, to no avail. As if that was not enough, her intense curiosity in AI and its implications on society, can take up her mornings. It may be because a new, man-made race is the theme of ‘Shapers,’ the sequel to ‘Course of Mirrors.’

And I used to think teddy bears were the pinnacle of man-made intelligence.

Though she can’t remember, she valued me time ago, to be held by her therapy clients in need of hugging. How cool is that? Then, one day, I was unceremoniously replaced by a trickster rag-doll, apparently more successful in bringing up suppressed psychic material – alarmingly uncool.

For now I’m redeemed. Everyone knows that teddies are brilliant listeners. I nod and never talk back, avoiding all misunderstandings.

Her son used to benefit from an associate of mine. Such shame he was a rare antique, and had to be sold.

Not that my presence fools her. She may be a good listener to her clients, but not to her own heart in these bewildering times, which is why she brought me down from the attic. I listen and open spaces for self-reflection. Just think of the waste of all the other teddies dusting away in attics.

She learned that to really understand how another person feels, their experience has to be felt in her own heart. There is nothing to be done. She’s a crushed angel and needs to feel her own bewilderment deeply to be of use to anyone.

That said – I’m happy to be here, in this warm space of reflection.

She says hello to all crushed angels. There must be many of you out there, given the consistent visits to a post of this poem by Hafiz from May 2015.


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16 responses to “… musings of a neglected teddy bear …

  1. Aw – now you made me a bit teary. I’ve just given my two a quick ear tweak – just to let them know – you know. Lovely, glad he’s out of the attic and such patience he has and such a great vocabulary – for a bear!! Happy New Year there are blessings in spite of it all. x

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  2. Thanks, Diane. I’m teary too, today. Hail to all teddy bears.

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  3. What a loving story. I too love my teddy bears, even after ALL THESE YEARS. They are my comfort and joy. When I need a hug, they are there. When I need a snuggle, they keep me company. Where I terribly miss my German Shepherd, my teddy bear vet bills are non-existent. Plus, in the chaos of the world, my teddy bear is my support and listener. Thank you for reminding me!

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  4. Graham Edge

    I too am a believer in the power of teddy bears (and associated comforting creatures) and would add they are not only great listeners, but often have a great wisdom if we but listen, and, lastly but certainly not least, often can fight off the demons and nightmares of life.

    The following image sums things up nicely 🙂

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  5. And we are indeed all ‘crushed angels’. I can remember my teddy bear, the feel and the smell of him, but cannot recall where he went.


  6. That is a lovely post. I don’t think my teddy’s are around anymore! I can relate to the ‘crushed angels’. Waiting for mine to reappear.

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  7. Alice Temple-Bruce

    Have been thinking of you a great deal lately having picked up from your writings of late and i still have the poem of Crushed Angels you gave me many years ago. So happy that you brought your teddy bear down to be with you.
    I Love You x


  8. How beautiful. One of my teddy bears has passed on to my son. Grandpere sleeps with Biff, watches movies with Biff, sits next to him at breakfast. Biff reads him stories, gives him snacks.
    Theirs is a friendship I would not see end for all the world.

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