… I don’t know …

in truth I am two

one inside and one outside

a mirror between


of late – I don’t know –

has become my daily chant

a mantra – almost


does our ONE earth too

have a crack down the middle?

what’s it like this place?

shared with an alien

no story will be alike

which does not surprise

we are all aliens

to ourselves and the other

a diversity

which can’t be controlled

by factions who invest in

power as they might

the ideal of ONE

is an enigma veiled by

a mysterious station

beyond birth and death

or where time shortly pauses

between each new breath

love that inspires

the yearning for one being

weaves through the unseen

yes, my chant is sad

but wings forever unfold

hello horizon …

Winding the clock back to before events were recorded in writing and ordered along linear timelines, folks across the globe unified their beliefs through countless symbolic creation myths, none the same, and much more fun than any Big Bang theory, which, in any case, must surely relate to only one among many big & small bangs. Since record-taking, everything supposed to have happened has been arranged around a spine and neatly ordered, chaos tamed into a clearly delineated map of history. It is a beautiful logical structure, mirroring the cosmos, nature, plants, the human body, the brain.

The concept that all is one in eternity and everything in the universe connects to everything else is ancient, if difficult to uphold in daily life. And here comes our century with its digital multi-perspectives. Bones are loosened from the spine and make a mess of our time map. The neat rules of cause and effect science has used to build reliable calculations are re-shuffled into surreal dreamlike possibilities, while we cling uneasily to our everyday three dimensions.

Information is spinning so fast that old beliefs drop into vast seas of information (energy,) so turbulent; we must decide where to place ourselves and chart new destinations. Think uncertainty principle – position of particle – momentum of wave. Solutions waver. What does humanity want? What is its purpose, its vision?

The deep sea of information, like the unconscious psyche, is tossing unpalatable errors of judgement into the light, dark stuff, requesting acknowledgement and inclusion, personally and collectively.  My – I don’t know – mantra resist all stale answers and advice, other than inklings from the spirit of inner guidance.

Within the ONE innumerable realities exist together … heartlands of strangeness seeking ever new formations. It intrigues and troubles me that the escalating complexities of life might result in social decisions being assigned to data crunching artificial intelligence devices. Our roots might shrivel. Where would we be without the stories drawn up from the inner worlds of the imagination. I wrote about it here:

P L Travers says … nothing is truly known until it is known organically … this chimes for me. There’s even a hint as to the why of human existence.


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13 responses to “… I don’t know …

  1. Jenny

    I feel the Same, but dont havé the Words… à Kind of wearyness about allthe new devices that nowadays are Being offered and only eat more Time , keep one busier than ever .. I refusé i Need my Space my Time …some Strange sadnés in face of so many absurdités , Wondering How my daughter and grandchild will manage ……let the mind Rest in Peace and gratitude in this everchanging world of words and Images

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    • Hi Jenny. Yes, there is this sadness floating on the air.
      Sufi Hazrat Inayat Khan left a powerful invocation for the remembrance of the One Being.

      Towards the One
      The perfection of Love, Harmony and Beauty
      The Only Being
      United with all the illuminated souls
      Who form the Spirit of Guidance.

      Calling from our imperfection towards this ideal seems pointless, yet when we turn the soul mirror to face the inner world, a wavelength can open to access inner guidance.
      Mostly the soul mirror must face the outside world, to deal with our living situation best we can. Still, remembrance helps.


  2. Wonderful post thanks Ashen. I’d rather live with uncertainty than the fixed notion of certainty.

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  3. Wonderful post thanks Ashen. I’d rather live with uncertainty than the fixed notion of certainty-though golly, sometimes much seems shaky and troublesome-

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    • Thanks, Susan. Just went to see your last post, where you share in a similar vein. So we’ll keep travelling, responding to what we find on the road from the middle of the moment.

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      • Thanks Ashen, will go to my post now and comment back 🙂 Sorry about the duplication of my comments; I used my phone earlier while waiting in a dr. ‘s rooms and am never sure whether the phone irrespective of how smart, actually does post what I want it to. Similar vein indeed – yours particularly poetic 🙂

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  4. I love this post – all the contradictions and yet it makes sense. I think the duality exists – chaos with infinitesimal and infinite order. We are diverse and yet all “of the planet” which makes us organically connected. Humans often assume they know everything, including the unknowable. My guess is that there is far more we don’t know, and some things we will never know simply because they are beyond our comprehension. There is great wisdom and the potential for peace in the line “I don’t know.” It means that anything is possible.

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  5. I think the Big Bang Theory, which has received extensive, nearly endless confirmations, is more interesting than the old-tine creation myths anyway. The sense of awe remains.

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