… three winners …

A week ago I used the Goodreads giveaway programme (click here) offering 3 signed copies of Course of Mirrors to readers around the world. I put a one week time-limit on the contest. To my delight, 1152 reader took up the offer during the week. I’m not privy to who they are, but have been given the addresses of the three winners – one from Kentucky and two from Canada. It cost a bit to have my tomes winged and tracked across the Atlantic Ocean, but how encouraging that a whole bunch of book lovers from all corners of the world were interested enough to enter the giveaway event, helping the novel’s visibility. Roughly 10 % of those who signed on to the giveaway event have put the book on their ‘to read’ list. Heartfelt thanks to all, whoever you are. And congratulations to the winners – your book should arrive within a week.







More delight – I discovered Course of Mirrors in my local Waterstones bookshop, in good company too, which gave me the courage to approach the local paper. There may follow a feature on the novel and its quirky author.

So far three 5 star reviews have been posted, all on amazon.com (click here)   On other countries’ amazon sites, including the UK, it says on top of the page – be the first to review this item. To actually read the reviews one must scroll down the page. I don’t know if there are better ways to handle the various amazon pages, my knowledge and patience is limited.

What is annoying is that amazon tends to refuse reviews that cannot be sourced to a purchase with them. Friends, who bought my book at a signing event, for example, and like the story enough to share a few lines with potential readers, could try and add the line ‘purchased from the author at a signing event’ when they try posting a review on amazon. No idea if this works, creative ideas are welcome.

On my Troubador author site (click here) where I get better royalties from orders, one does not have to be a customer to paste a review, short or long, in the provided box, though it may take a while for new information to be updated.

It’s likely that by July I may have recouped 10% of my publishing expenses. It’s a start, but whether I’ll I recoup enough to publish the sequel to Course of Mirrors is written in the stars.

As for Goodreads – I was unaware that the site sports over 20 million readers. Click here to read up about its history. Amazing. My connections on Goodreads are few. I have not grokked how to best make use the site, but I look out for the reviews posted by my friends there and occasionally post my own book reviews.

That’s it – all about me and the excitement of having delivered my first novel into the public domain. I hope your forgive my indulgence. If it’s anything to go by, even my son was gripped by reading Course of Mirrors 🙂


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  1. Congratulations on Waterstones! Great achievement. Matador has done well for you if they were responsible! Left a comment on a review which I thought was excellent.

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  2. This is wonderful Ashen well done! Most encouraging! I can feel your excitement! May it continue on its successful path!

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    • Thanks Susan – on to the next horizon. It’s is probably far from you concern in SA, but I wish the insane Brexit idea was stopped. The young people should be represented in parliament – or revolt.


  3. Congrats! Writing a book is a major achievement.

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  4. Aye, saw that, thank you dear. Inundated with all sorts of bureaucratic stuff, feel suspended, like my protagonist. Must get back into the meat of editing Shapers – after I sorted the green jungle in my garden.


  5. Congratulations! I haven’t worked out how to use Goodreads either. It’s annoying that you can’t give away electronic copies, only physical. That has put me off using it for giveaways, and also the fear that nobody would enter. Over a thousand requests is tremendous!

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    • Thank you, Jane. Actually, 1000 and over takers for Goodreads giveaways is not that unusual. You could try and offer only one book across many countries and put a time limit of one week, lets say. Books do need an ISBN, I think, but I may be wrong.


      • that’s what I understood too. Given the lack of feedback, or even thanks, I’ve had from giving away digital copies to unknowns, I wouldn’t want to gamble the cost of the postage. I do hope you get some reviews out of it though!

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        • I don’t anticipate feedback, Jane. A review would be a bonus. It’s about making the book more visible. The same could of course be said about free e-books, but I don’t like the idea of mass consumption. If someone really wants to read an e-book it costs hardly more than a cup of coffee, the least courtesy due to an author, I think.


          • There are whole courses based upon free book funnel, and progressive email lists building/I have signed up to more than was wise, and fall at the first hurdle. I also did a Goodreads giveaway which claims to target likely readers for the particular genre. Three at £10 a copy all went to unfortunate recipients who probably regretted they had won! One single reader that likes the book can help enormously but I can’t help feeling that energy spent on articles , or seeking publicity on local bookshops etc would do more!

            Optimism is a necessary ingredient and I lost all mine way back. I need to recover it somehow! If you have sold 100 copies in such a short time you are doing extremely well. Most self published books manage that over years!

            Maybe a film option is just around the corner. Hope so!

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            • You know how I feel about’ Involution.’ The book is a jewel that has to find worthy settings. I’d take it along to a desert island. Apart from it being inspirational and generating wonderful questions, its Wortschatz alone is a treasure trove for poets.

              A film option for CoM – cool 🙂 could make a gripping and enjoyable series.


          • Well if you had over 1000 people asking for a copy, I’d say your book has generated interest. Well done 🙂

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  6. I haven’t given much thought to Goodreads but will now. Congratulations. I look forward to reading your book and more of your blog.

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  7. Thank you Lisa. Good to meet you here. I like you website, will be visiting 🙂


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