… blackbirds – another drama …

It’s been 5 years since the last blackbird drama in my garden (see links below,) which ended well. The family returns annually to a home they have grown fond of in bushy ivy that smothers my pergola.

P1080302 - smallerLast week, drama revisited. One of the fledglings fell from its nest. The parents called the alarm, showing me where to find the escapee, huddled in a corner, its beak demanding food. It was not quite ready to fly. I couldn’t find the nest, so I put the little one in an old cat 🙂  basket, which I fixed on a safe branch cats couldn’t reach. I made the basket homely, with leaves, arty pieces of dry roots – a cushion even. All was well. The parents came and fed their lost baby, which made me happy.                                                                               P1080307 smaller

Next day, seeking adventure, the fledgling squeezed itself through the barriers. The usual racket of complaint alerted me. A cat was near. The mother bird’s courage amazed. Descending to the lawn she attacked the cat, who was petrified. I found the little one, well camouflaged among dry leaves, and I deposited it once more to the basket, with added netting.

Peace prevailed,  the rascal was fed, until yesterday it escaped again. With my best efforts I couldn’t locate the fledgling. Either it had learned to fly, or the cat had a meal.

P1080303 - smallerThe luxury nest is now empty, and apart from a soft breeze ruffling flowers and leaves, the garden is strangely quiet today.

No sight of the parent blackbirds either.                       I wonder why and whereto they have suddenly disappeared. Are they hiding in grief somewhere, or are they accompanying their adventures offspring on its first odyssey?


The links below lead to the 2011 drama. Pages will open separately. You won’t loose this one.

Major drama in my garden – all my fault.       2011/07/03

Update on the drama in my garden                   2011?07/22


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13 responses to “… blackbirds – another drama …

  1. interesting people, birds… 🙂

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  2. i spend a lot of time watching (and feeding and watering) the birds in my garden, chatting to them, getting them to know who i am

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  3. I choose to believe they have said – “Come Barnaby – we must take you elsewhere lest you become kitty fodder”

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  4. I am both moved and impressed by your creative, caring problem-solving – not to mention your attentiveness to the family’s distress.

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  5. I can see your garden.Birds are now becoming central to our life since we lost our dog, and fly into and out of the house all the time. In the morning sparrows, robins and baby thrushes perch on the back of the chairs demanding daily fare. Once you talk to birds they trust you as your blackbirds seemed to. A loss is felt!

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    • In one of the earlier stories fro 2011 a blackbird fledgling wandered through the backdoor to be fed. Clever chap.
      You must have high windows if they fly in so easily.
      Birds give us so much delight ☼


  6. Jenny

    Lets think the fledgling made it into his world thanks to your Loving Care.
    Must be a magical Place ,your Garden 🙂 Jenny


  7. Rob Leech

    Lovely anecdote Ashen. Well done for taking the trouble. Heart-warming!

    Rob X

    On Sun, Aug 7, 2016 at 2:15 PM, Course of Mirrors wrote:

    > courseofmirrors posted: “It’s been 5 years since the last blackbird drama > in my garden (see links below,) which ended well. The family returns > annually to a home they have grown fond of in bushy ivy that smothers my > pergola. Last week, drama revisited. One of the fledglings fe” >

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