… I mourn the round clock …

P1100988I mourn the round clock

the poetic face of time

gazing into now


hands whirling round hours

much like the planets orbit

our cradle of light


pulsing in us – too

as heart hub where the Muse dwells

minding her own pace


you are the turning

– she hints – laugh and weep with me

create more beauty


from her calm domain

she may join freak storms as rain

and make deserts bloom

P1080058 - smaller

poets and children

glimpse how she weaves dream fabrics

to wrap up each now



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15 responses to “… I mourn the round clock …

  1. katy bentall

    that’s beautiful!

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  2. Lovely Ashen – I’d never thought of time embracing the now with every click – motion embracing all that is – at least that’s how I see your prose … thank you.

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  3. Joseph Rubin

    Endearing post, Ashen, the round clock has special meaning for me as well, as contrasted with the digital clock. The movement of the minutes and seconds sweeping around the dial makes me think of Organic Life and the Inorganic Solar System both progressing in a forward direction in an accurate and interlocked manner. For example, the body has a precise “wiring” of the length of sleep cycles during night-time, that is closely linked to dreaming just before awakening. The seasons of the year, summer/winter also regulate the length of the day when you are active, from dawn until dusk Thank You!.


  4. Our reverence for time and of its servants,adds colour and structure to our lives.
    Be it the round clock, the sun dial or digital; the partnership runs deep and offers a chance to co-exist with a trusted friend.
    Things are always getting better. B

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    • Co-existing with a trusted friend is a blessing.
      Re: ‘Things are always getting better.’ My former Sufi teacher used to say this. He also used the term ‘functional truth,’ which I understood as having relevance to our personal lives and short term goals.
      In this context a quote by Hazrat Inayat Khan applies, which takes time into account: ‘The ideal is the means, its breaking is the goal.’

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  5. Joseph Rubin

    I love the fullness of response by bristlehound! I have for a long time needed to find a category for the phrase, “Things are always getting better.” Some individuals running for presidency in USA have taken advantage of this. Eureka! I now have clarified to myself, I would call this a “conditional truth.”

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    • See also my reply to B.
      When it comes to ideologies that unify groups and collectives, then the saying ‘Things are always getting better,’ could serve as helpful attitude. So instead of blaming ideologies we don’t agree with, and blame for our ills, we could explore our relatively short human history, and then give energy to what worked to enhance life for all living beings, and the vital question ‘What for?’ What is the value of life?’


  6. I very much like this lyrical poem, the way it changes voices and keeps its own reflective pace.

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  7. Joseph Rubin

    Ashen, I love your phrase about the metaphor of repeated cycles. I have never thought about it that way! Metaphor, in general, interests me especially after I have read works by Spanish philosophers, Ortega y Gasset and Julian Marias. Marias has said that “Metaphor is an instrument of cognition.”

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