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Nasreddin - 17th century miniature - Tokapi Palace Museum

In my world, Mulla Nasreddin, the famous wise fool from the East, could not possibly be stuck in one place or one time. I call my inversion of him ‘Allum.’ Warning: He always has the last word. If you have a problem with this then just add another word, for your pleasure.

I hope to occasionally post more of Allum, should his voice come through the white noise surrounding our planet.

(The image of Nasreddin  is from a 17th century miniature – in Tokapi Palace Museum)

World News

Allum is seated on his favourite bench from where he overlooks the town.

A kid, making sure that none of his peers is nearby, sneaks up to Allum.

‘You’re known as a wisecrack. Tell me – why are grown-ups so obsessed with World News?’

Allum shudders. ‘World News has become a mega-mirror to humanity. People are mesmerised by the comical clashes of ideas. Factions are stretched on the cross between being and becoming, that is, final answers and dynamic change. It’s a conflict most humanely and economically fought inside each of us.’

The boy looks puzzled. ‘Aren’t there final answers?’

Allum sighs. ‘I hope not in my lifetime. If that was so the illusionary charm of reality would evaporate. Life would have no meaning. There’d have to be another big bang.

*    *    *

Bang head hereFor those stressed over solutions to the divide between being and becoming, here an academic exploration from Stanford  academia. To shorten the  tortuous exploration: … We are not inertial observers …

I figure we have plenty of potential to develop in ourselves, and there is always more we can contribute to the world.

My Sufi teacher, Fazal Inayat Khan, summed up being and becoming eloquently:

   ‘Being is death. Becoming is life.’

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10 responses to “… World News – by Mulla – Allum …

  1. Allum surely has the last word, Ashen thank you for sharing his wisdom with us. Would LOVE to check out those links ..


  2. ‘Becoming is life and being is death’
    Such a true reflection on just how easy it is to slip into method ahead of thought.
    I have been using this all day thankyou Ashen, it is appropriate at any time but particularly now, given the changing parameters for some of my elderly relatives.B


    • Thanks B. I’m pleased the post is useful to you. Can you say a little more about … to slip into method ahead of thought … ?

      Re: growing older, as we all are … the perceived rationing of time tends to be burdened by fixed ideas. But since anything alive changes from moment to moment, age can be worthwhile and inspiring, as long as coherence endures, and curiosity.

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      • Ashen
        One of the great un-satisfied needs of our world is to think.
        At all ages and at any level, thinking is the juice by which we develop and proceed.
        Why your proverb “Becoming is life and being is death” strikes accord with me, stems from observing some elderly relatives more willing to slip into worry and stress than take on a new thinking or indeed physical challenge.
        An acceptance of life as it is, offers some solace in what must certainly be difficult circumstances in becoming elderly. However having accepted life’s cycle of events, must not preclude us from pursuing the fruits which remain available.
        Slipping into ‘Method’ means for me, relying on remaining assets garnered over a life-time. Tried and proven, these assets are safe and can be manipulated to suit our current needs. Thus, our circle of events diminishes, providing us with perfect grounds for wisely assessing failure and going through the motions of established systems.
        Method provides a non-threatening ‘Being’. One which can be massaged to and fro but never exceed the existing parameters of safety.
        Thought provides a ‘Beginning’, new horizons with greater brain and physical elasticity.
        “Becoming IS life”.
        Cheers Ashen and thankyou for your interest.B

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        • You put it well, so clearly. To think, rather being thought by pre-set layers of associations (methods tried and proven.) It does require a little effort, like remembering to pay attention to the very process of thinking. Here to new horizons. 🙂

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  3. ‘Becoming is life, and being is death.’ I like it. We have proof of this when we observe Nature – everything in Nature is a constant process of becoming.

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  4. Joerubin27425@gmail.com

    I remember struggling with today’s discussion way back in 1963. What Is
    Time? My main conclusion then (and now) is that the “yardstick” of CONSCIOUSNESS is primary, and that the RELIANCE ON PHYSICS SHOULD BE SECONDARY. Being and becoming are special sub-sections.
    I am conscious of a point of light, such as a star. My mind tells me this is a new event, possibly mediated biologically by the “ascending reticular system” of the brain causing my attention to change and new events As I am standing on this planet, 24 hours later, my mind is again noticing the same light, and that I am conscious that I am experiencing the again-ness. once more. The same process continues, and I EXPECT that I will see the light again. My linguistic system of the brain begins to provide words for FUTURE and I expect or predict there will be more to come. This is my concept of BECOMING or flow of time. We are not yet at the point of physics when we can refer to external physical events and define equally measurably units of time such as New Moons or Months, or Years, or Space (distance).


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