… where does it hurt? – everywhere …

Käthe Kollwitz,  'Zertretene' 1900

Käthe Kollwitz, ‘Zertretene’ 1900

The night before Friday 13th 2015 I could not sleep, then, all day long I was gripped by vague apprehensions, until I caught the news, late that night, about yet another atrocity devised to feed animosity rather than dialogue, this time in Paris.

I searched for comments that made sense, and formulated plenty of analytical thoughts, until I found a poem (below) by Warsan Shire, which expresses accurately how I feel, in sympathy with all bereaved, not just in Paris, but in many places across the world, and all who have cracks in their hearts to share the hurt, and that’s enough. Thank you Warsan.


… later that night

i held an atlas in my lap

ran my fingers across the whole world

and whispered

where does it hurt?


it answered




Earthrise, Dec 1968

Earthrise, Dec 1968


This interview with Warsan Shire, the poet, will lead you to another page. 


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9 responses to “… where does it hurt? – everywhere …

  1. Yes, that poem says it all. I saw it on FB a day or so ago and felt the pain for the world.

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  2. [to] “all who have cracks in their hearts”

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  3. Reblogged this on Jane Dougherty Writes and commented:
    Wise, compassionate words.

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  4. It is always a surprising world and most times inexplicable. Paris hurts all of us and I hope when it is explained, we have the courage to understand. The light will shine by us wanting it. B


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