… the tulip – haiku moment …

A little Haiku arrived in a flash and together with its timely image struck a chord with many of my facebook and twitter friends. It’s the beautiful message of one tulip in my garden, whose eleven companion bulbs were eaten up by hungry rodents.

P1070196 - smaller

a lone tulip splays
its red mantle to the sun
there you have my heart

*    *    *

A Haiku can arrive in a flash or take its time to unfold. Here is  an article by Jane Reichhold to inspire. She shares a little history and a number of techniques.



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9 responses to “… the tulip – haiku moment …

  1. I’ve never got the hang of writing Haiku but they are little gems – as is your brave tulip. Nice

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  2. Beautiful compistion, I love the tulip photo. Tulips usualy look so neat and symetric, but this one looks like it is a ballerina in a wild defiant dance about to frollick into the forest of adventure.

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  3. a little haiku
    in a flash and image struck
    tulip garden one


  4. I’ve just read Jane Rheingold’s post Ashen thank you for sharing it. I’ve bookmarked it to read again. Quite extraordinary how concentrated lines evoke the image as does your beautiful haiku. It’s an art for sure ..

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