… it’s possible to swim against the stream …

Just saying …

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13 responses to “… it’s possible to swim against the stream …

  1. Certainly its possible, but sure as hell it’s tiring!


  2. I’m with Philippa on this one 🙂


  3. The best thing about swimming against the stream, is not comprehending what is happening.
    Just ‘Doing your thing’ often sets one apart, and oh! what pleasure that can bring.
    Lovely photograph Ashen.B


  4. Swimming against the stream might be a little like thinking outside the box. If you are going with the flow, one might not be actually swimming at all, while inside the box, one might not be thinking at all.


  5. Yes, you’ve just got to lean into it 😉


  6. My muscles feel tired already …, lovely comments all of which I wish I had said.

    Ashen, terrific news on your book.. all success upstream …


  7. Thanks Susan. Re: my book. Do you know something I don’t?
    Since I signed a contract in spring 2013 I’m still waiting for my publisher to get going. Spring 2015 was the last suggestion. Not down or upstream, more stuck in an oxbow, but I finished a sequel and started on the third book.


  8. Lol, I’ve spent my whole life swimming against the tide, taking the path less travelled and doing things the unconventional way, lol, so yes, it’s tiring, but at the age of 41, I can’t see me starting to conform! 😀


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