… first photos from Darwin …

Our summers are Darwin’s winters with uninterrupted sunshine at over 30 degrees.  From October it becomes too hot and humid for the easy life.P1060366lower

I’m here to meet my son’s new family. In two days there’ll be a wedding on an old perl-fishing boat – an event which Natasha fictionalised in a delightful animation, where all guest are bush turkeys. They do walk in that peculiar way.


At waterfront locations are great markets, several times a week. The air is filled with culinary smells from food-stalls. Hundreds of merchants sell leather ware, clothing and indigenous crafts. There are fire-twirlers, puppet shows, picnics, and at sunsets the crowds gather.


I’ve been swimming in safe places, and yesterday in  a fabulous spring pool, which, I was told later, has the very occasional crock sighting. The water is clear and soft and the falls offer a brilliant free massage. P1060443lower













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10 responses to “… first photos from Darwin …

  1. What a magical place. Here’s to an equally magical wedding, and a very, very happy marriage!


  2. Welcome to Aus. Ashen. Hope the wedding goes wonderfully well for all of you and the Bush Turkeys enjoy what is a major step in the lives of all people.B


    • Thanks B. I like the entrepreneurship in this vast country. I get a sense of the differences, in terms of climate and lifestyle, since there are people coming for the feast from Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne area. And the wildlife inspires.


  3. Envy that rock pool, but not the crock! Have a really wonderful break and all good wishes to Y and N!


    • Thanks Philippa. Songs were prepared today. All sorts of secrets are kept under wraps for the day. And more visits to springs and rock pools are on the cards. I’ll do my best not to provoke the crocks.


  4. Lovely photos, Ashen. And I’ve just seen the wedding pics – so happy and beautiful. Enjoy the rest of your stay.


  5. The animation was gorgeous, loved it. Enjoy the wedding! It looks like such a wonderful place.


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