… weddings still happen …

Come July, my son, Yeshen, is joining creative forces with Natasha, who magicked this invite for the intimate part of their wedding celebration. I’m allowed to share her delightful animation.

The venue will be an old pearl-fishing boat in Darwin, where part of Natasha’s family live. I’ve never been to Australia, so I’m looking forward to the trip. Their UK friends, I understand, will be invited to a summer picnic in London.

I’m very happy for them. They’re a wonderful team.  http://www.yeshandtash.com/about/



Natasha working


Yesh & Tash

Yesh & Tash


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15 responses to “… weddings still happen …

  1. This is absolutely beautiful and can’t wait for the movie. You will love Darwin – pack a hat, sunglasses, shorts and just enjoy the atmosphere. B


  2. fabulous wonderful! brimming with happiness and happiness ! what a magical and delight full event, union, shining talent…
    all love and light x


    • Thank you. It gives me joy to see the next generation succeeding at being creative in less than ideal conditions. Inspirational. There’s a bunch of young people we both know who’re stubborn and hard-working enough to do magic.


  3. How wonderful and so very exciting. I wish them a lifetime of happiness and a wonderful day.


  4. jedoliver

    How lovely, Ashen. I am happy for all of you !


  5. HUGE congratulations Ashen, you’re gaining a daughter! She seems lovely, have a fantastic time in Oz, I’m thrilled for you! 😀 xx


  6. Thanks Sophie. Daughters are cool 🙂
    And Oz of course inspired your Mr Marval Agyk. Will look out for the wizard.


  7. Loved the animation! Wishing you all a wonderful day! 😉


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